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Posted:yeah a mouth full - so is the move.Prerequisites-------------1)ok I take it everyone is familiar with the weave style beside the body vertical twirling?2)and also familiar with the behind the shoulder extra twisting motion to squeeze out another rotation?3)familiar with spinning the staff above and below your head like a corkscew?4) familiar with the b/h the shoulder roll technique in the horizontal plane (equivalent to a 4/5 beat corkscrew with poi) (this is contortion BTW) staff at top of corkscrew position, one staff at the bottom (ie one held palm up above head straight arm, other held palm down out and down from your waist).Now move both staves through their respective corkscrew motions throwing in shoulder rolls on the down swings, while piroetting your body around in the same directon as the staves are turning. If you feel like going faster - add in a finger twirl to the bottom stave and a palm spin to the top (I cant do this BTW - but it certainly is possible).there are a lot of possibilites with this technique, and its not a family of moves that I see very often round here.(tis rare enough to see some decent doubles twirling anyhow)
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