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  Posted: Since I am relatively new to the Fire Spinning game, and learned it on the beaches of Thailand where no-one knows any of the names which appear to be in vogue, I was wondering if this particular move has a name.You start with what I believe is a corkscrew move and once you have that going, instead of lifting your arms over your head, you throw them directly out to the side. As you do this you spin your whole body 180 degrees (in the direction of the poi) and the centripetal force will keep the Poi horizontal at the end of your hands. At the end of the spin you go back into the lower part of the corkscrew and so on...I've never seen anyone else do this, but as I say my experience is limited to giving fireshows in Thailand.I call it the "helicopter", but am wondering if it has another name.

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  Posted:wanderinglinton: I've never heard of a name for that move, but I have seen it done. In fact, one of my favorite ways to start a set is to spin what you call the helicopter, go into a corkscrew, bring it up into a windmill, and then go into the weave.If you are using white gas, you can start slowly and let your Poi roll on the ground in a circle arround you. Because white gas will burn on pavement, you wind up spinning inside a ring of fire. It's hellacool!BTW, people typically use the term "helicopter" for an over-the-head butterfly.-p.