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Hey man, what's this about not wanting to start a fight? someone busting your chops here? =Poh well. anyway, just cuz i couldn't sit around and not give my opinion, i dont think that glowstix is the GED of poi. sure it lacks danger (though my groin will disagree) but the beauty is still there (especially if you put a photon on each string) is earthy and mystical, while glowing is industrial and not so timeless. fear not fellow spinner, enter the 'em what you got. win it and get the money so you can get your fire set (woohoo!!)spin on, eepok/ramon

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ok, i've wanted to know for a long time...what is a photon? Is it just like a glow stick for your chains or what? I love glo-twirling but i have no idea what a photon is so someone please tell me!:Chotys:

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Hey thanks a lot eepok. I didn't want to start a fight because thats all thats been going on lately, glow v.s fire. I'm not one with the words so I always come out an asshole. My opinion isn't everyone elses so the majority wins, so why fight. There's a pseudo peace right now between us and I really don't want to break it. You've seen me spin and you know I don't think of glowstix as the G.E.D. version of poi, but thats the opinion of most of the people on here. Glowstix are sick to watch especially if someone has a dope style.(like yourself) It's just a pointless argument here so yet again the minority loses.EricSmurfs sucked, I think the dome closed after robotech, tonight. The roof was caving in.

Its about talent, not make up or costumes.

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