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emokeBRONZE Member
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i just started this today and i can get it to do one rotation but almost 85% of the time i hit myself ... is it that i jsut need to be moreflexible??

emoke mongoun

SupermanBRONZE Member
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i am the most unflexible person you will ever meet in the arms, and i can do them. you have to experiment with the angles of your wrists and how much bend you have in your elbows. Also make sure one hand is higher than the other. i do have to lean forward a good deal to keep them from hitting my back.try doing forward same-time circles.Then straighten your arms out at 45 dedrees to your body, and angle them towards the floor.Now slowly walk forward, and pass them behind you with your palms turning up and away from your body and facing them upward.When you get them behind you, spilt-time them and bring your hands closer together. Than after you can do that for multiple beats, you can try to bump it into a butterfly. Thats how i learned it, it was all accidental of course.Mainly play with the angles of you wrists, to keep the plains parallel to your backside..good luck!!Super'------------------"Only the warrior that hears the call will know when to leave, Where to go" -unknown

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FireSpiritSILVER Member
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Hi Emoke smileTry this: I found that it is a lot easyer to start with one poi. Just like when i started the forward weave i would just put out one arm, and go over it, under it and across. i did this for a while then did the other hand. The trick is not to move your arm sreched out in front, right?Well now to do the Behind the Back Weave you start off going bacwards, with one poi, the other hand behind you. You cross your back with the poi and go over the hand, under the hand and then back to spinning at your side. Once you are comortable with that you do the other hand. Over the hand, under the hand and back at your side. It is a lot easyer if when you start with both pois to swing your body from side to side when the poi is behind your back. Some people lift there feet so they don't hit the back of their legs, but i found by swaying back and forth i don't need to. You know what shocked I just looked at the ? and it is about the Behind The Back BUTTERFLY confused Ops. Well In case you wanted to know how to do Behind the back WEAVE There it is smile SkiChristian


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