Posted:Im poor. And dishing out $15 for a set of Fire Poi is ok, but then you have to buy wicking and fuel and so on... So i got around to thinking how a Poor Boy like myself could just try Fire Poi. Well... i could borrow someones set? right? dont know anyone who has one. So then the answere hit me when i was buying a replacement mirror for my car. FLARES! $3.95 for a pair, some ducktape and strings/ropes/cord/whatever. and BANG! there you have yourself the worlds cheapest and most effective getto Poi. i've tried it a couple of times so far and it works pritty well. anywho, if anyone would care to comment for improving the design and added safty, it would be welcome greatfully. Design----- %Fire---- % 0Flare--- 0 <---- Cord attached here above Duck tap ))) tap. 0

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Posted:I have been spinning with just Dod chock chans and towls for 4 years now. You just go down to wal-mart (i know its WM is eveil, but Cheep) get a set of 12-14 inch chains 5-7 dollers, get 16ga wire, 2 key rings, webbing from your school back pack, and take a towle from the hotel you work at and Wa-La! you have pois! How to make them:1)Attach the key rings to the rings at the end of the chains.2) Take the other end to the chains and sew the webbing to those rings. 3) the towle you cut up into 4 inch strips,(make shure to roll the towel befor you cut it to see how big they are going to be) 4) pull and cut a lanth of wire about the lanth of both arms (3-4 feet).5) make a hook at one end of the wire place the hook on the cut towle and roll it up so there is a loop of wire at one end of the towle and a long piece of wire on the other.5 bend the long end down allong the flap of towle and threw the loop comming up allong the other side of the Poi. 6) rap 1 1/2 times around the loop on that end and down the 3rd side through the loop again and up.7) Rap off and cut acces wire off. You can use this Poi about 3 or 4 time a night (depending on how tight you rap the poi) then I just thow them into the fire at the party Im spinning at. Thats at getto as I get. Happy spinning!
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