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  Posted: Ok, I've been spinning for just a little while (a month or 2), and im not that good yet, and I just wondered if anyone had some easy (*EASY*) combinations to suggest for me to learn? Also, can neone tell me how to do the transition from butterfly to weave and vice versa?

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  Posted:Don't worry, we're all learners here winkFor a butterfly-->weave and weave-->butterfly think about it this way. In a butterfly, the Poi are moving in opposite directions [hence the flapping E-Fect], and in the weave they're both moving [relatively] in the same direction either forward or backward. So basically you want to reverse the direction of one of your poi/glowstix while keeping the same direction for the other. A few topics down Supa'Man was talking about James Lac's glowstix video at the Glass Lab.[http://www.theglasslab.com]That's a good video to learn from, but only if you have a fast connection. The easiest and quickest way i can think of it learning the buttefly-->weave wrap first. Start off from a plan 'ol butterfly and then when your right Poi starts to come down, pull your hand to the right/back some and it should wrap around your left arm [wrist or mid-arm], then just pull with your right hand, and it'll come back [turn your body 90' to the right] and you'll be in the forward weave on your left side. Make NE sense? It's *REALLY* simple once you know what i'm talking about. Best bet is to watch James Lac's video. And if you want to go from the weave to the butterfly, just reverse the directions, so that you're doing a weave on your left side and instead of moving your right hand back to your right side let it wrap around your left arm, turn 90' to the left, and you're in the butterfly. Hope that helps NE smile------------------"Happiness is not a destination, but a method for life"- Burton Hills

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  Posted:these all fit nicely togather and arnt very hard to learn:forward weavereverse weavewindmillcorkscrewwhen you learn how to put these togather all your friends will be in amazment your friends-----> shocked shocked shocked shocked


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  Posted:You are very right! They all fit. I have just put together the fwd weave (left) and backwd weave (right) so you are standing in the middle of both going side to side. from backwd weave right you can go over the head into the wind mill, to a streach windmill, then back down to fwd weave left. I repeat w/out the streach for a couple rotations then streach twice. it looks Cool at hell! you can then go into the corkscrew easly from the weave. grin



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