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Posted:Ok... maybe this isn't as impressive as Jo's new trick, but I'll give it a shot.
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I haven't been able to try this myself (kind of cold outside lately for poi), but I think it should work well. You just may need to have your poi a little longer than usual (partly depending on how thick your shoulders are..hehe).Ok... I'll describe it with the right hand doing the pinwheel (this may even be possible with both hands at once but not sure).Start with a forward crossover with the right hand under (should work either alternating or simultaneous).The key here is that instead of keeping your right hand pulled all the way across the body so that the poi clears the left arm, after the poi starts to go under the left arm, pull the right hand back to the middle of your body, so that the cord wraps around the armpit, and the poi starts to go forward over your shoulder.At that point, move your right hand up to over your shoulder and catch the cord in your hand. Hold onto it and move your hand and the cord further across your body, so that the poi does fast tiny pinwheels on the left side.Then you let go of the cord and turn your body 180. The person I saw turned to the right, let it unwrap and brought his hands behind his head while turning another 180, back into regular forward motion.I don't know if this trick has a real name. Is in the video of Masahiro Tanikawa at the 2000 world yo-yo championships. Can get the video at Sector Y, but it is fairly large.Hope someone finds that interesting. =)

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Posted:Sounds like it looks impressive ^_^

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