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Posted:So, about a month ago, I experienced the perfect burn. Everything I tried I pulled off cleanly (including variations I hadn't tried before), everything flowed so smoothly and just felt right. Usually after a good burn, I would feel exhilerated and be buzzing for the rest of the night. This time, I got all that combined with a feeling of utter contentment and sense of completion. In two and a half years of poi (two and a half years minus two weeks of playing with fire), I have never experienced that before, nor have I since. Maybe it was just the situation I was in at the time (camping out on a deserted beach on Maui, sharing a few drinks with some fantastic people), but I was wondering if anyone else had ever experienced anything like this?


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Posted:As soon as I stop squealing every time the flames hit me I might get it

Had something similar with my beamers, was enjoying myself so much I didn't even feel it when I whacked myself around the head. Someone in the crowd said it made a hell of a noise.

You've reached a higher state. Congratulations.

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Posted:you have truely become a poi jedi, reaching that level of enlightenment is, in my opinion, more satisfying than sex.

its why we spin

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Posted:tis called the zone. It's better than any drug. But the people who say it's better than sex are just the ones who arn't getting any

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Posted:I have experenced the funnyest burning day ever, it was sssssssooooooooooooo funny.

Me and a few mates from work were going down to the beach to do some spinning, and as it was summer, it was a warm night, and i only had a Strap top on. And what do i go and do? Get the poi rapped around my arm!!! I then felt my self being picked up and rushed forward, and suddenly cold and very wet. It happens that my mate Zac, saw what had happened, rushed forward picked me up, and droped me in the sea!

My makeup was smeared across my face and my Strap top was white, and i had a dark bra on underneath.You should have seen the looks i was getting wen i went into macdonalds!!



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Posted:Quick thinking from your mate! I'm impressed.

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Posted:Nicely done Ow,

welcome to the Quiet Place....



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Posted:quote:Originally posted by Dyke Boy (formerly Lesbian Lover):
you have truely become a poi jedi, reaching that level of enlightenment is, in my opinion, more satisfying than sex.

its why we spin

I agree completely! There is something magical about moments like these. They should be savored and treasured!




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Posted:I had a perfect burn in the summer when i was coming up... Everything i had been trying for the previous year and a half came together absolutely perfectly... It was incredible, the best spin ive ever had!!