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shadow steppin

shadow steppin

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Posted:anyone see matrix revolutions? what did yuh think? speak now! or i will take away your spoons!

In my hands I hold your smile and in my heart it runs so wild You are the one you are unique I'm so in love you make me weak And the reason that I feel is like a shadow from a light so if you have the chance to be with me be my shadow in the night

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Posted:Have a butchers at this :


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Posted:even my love of the series does not blind me to the fact that much of the acting/dialogue was as wooden/barren/uncharismatic as that seen in Dallas.

which made the very SFX stand out more i guess

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Posted:This thread reminded me of a couple of text messages I got from a friend the other day, just after he had been to se Revolutions

1st message: "Turns out there is a spoon"

2nd message: "But it dies"

Had me on the floor in tears for ages

Sorry. a bit off topic I know, but i thought I should share it with you all.

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