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So, a certain person i know has had HoP banned/firewalled at work, so I made for them a HoP gateway, through which they can read posts from another url, with all instances of the word poi changed to DOG.

Works a treat, but I never expected it to be quite so amusing. The topic "Sex and Poi" translates to "Sex and DOG" and reading it almost made me wet myself!

I'm not going to allow public access to the site, because it uses lots of bandwidth I can't afford, and I don't have malcolm's permission to do so, but I have taken a copy of the Sex and DOG thread and stuck it on a server, for your own sick and twisted amusement. There's some absolute classic quotes in it. Perhaps you'd like to post some of your favourites below?


I'm not sure its suitable for kids, but then reading the original I don't think that is either

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joo r 1337 haxor ^_^
i'm lagging let's votemap!!!!11

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DOG done well is god damn sexy. Im lucky to know some really good DOG-ers. So yeah when I watch the likes of Dom, Bluecat, Glass, Cole, Moohaahaa etc DOG their ass off it really is quite

AAAAAAHHH Hahahahahahahaha hahahahah ..... (choke,cough,weeze) ..... hahahahaha (snort).. hehehehehe....

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I like this one:


there is no better way to say I love you than with the gift of a spatula!

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My favourite has to be Bams - " I did some DOG gazing at Dom, Cole and Rob the other day though ohhh I love my life"

That's got to be the funniest thread ever. I'm crying I'm laughing so hard, which is probably a good thing due to it being Monday.

Excellent Flid.

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"And a woman doing DOG can be pretty amazing."

You saw that website too?!

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You filthy buggers!

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"yeah.... DOG women....

bams, hels, dfq, sunbeam, lolli..."

quote courtesy of dyke boy... harsh!

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You do realise what dogging is right? *worried laugh*

funny, but oh so sick!


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*raises hand*

which carpark this week then?

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My fav quote is :
Sex and DOG?!

yes please!

sexy yes...

I think thats my views pretty summed up!

Oh and
DOG's are Boys toys,
theyre balls on strings

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Watching someone staffing or DOG-ing; by the moves they make, how long they go for and their willingness to try new things could directly corrolate to how they are in bed.

I couldn't agree more

Aaaaah girls doing DOG, not sexy, more a thing of beauty and grace for me.

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Posted by Narr (Member # 4479) on 22 October, 2003 01:25 :

yep in total agreement!

men doing staff yum yum yum

and i know alot of guys that say girls doing DOG is equally as yummy

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There is this one guy who I have been watching since he started (we started DOG at the same time)...now first of all he is attractive to say the least...but when he first started it was like "holy shit stand back or get hurt"

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