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  Posted: Today was my FIRST DAY spinning real true blue poi!

So my shipment arrived from New Zeland's HoP today (I live in the Midwest of the US of A) and I was THRILLED! I quickly opened it up, took some trips around town and soon had kerosine, additional chains, a bag to hold all my Poi stuff in, and other stuffins. My shipment itself contained two fire monkey's fists sets, two Led Poi heads, and the COL2/Art of Poi DVD. After getting all my gear assembled I sat down in my tiny (very tiny) apparement and turned on the DVD and started my lessons. I easially picked up the early stuff (Forward, Backward, Split) and started learning the butterfly and soon found that my appt was to small. So I left the humble settings of my abode and went to the wilderness of the outside!

After about 1/2 an hour of pratice with unlit Fire Poi I had the butterfly down, the giant butterfly down, and was learning the alternate butterfly. I sadly had to go to a meeting so I left.

Just a few moments ago I got back and went outside my appt complex. It was dark now and I wanted to light up my Fire Poi badly, so I did. I did the maneuvers I was comfortable with and didn't mess up once! (yay!) I also did some more pratice with my Led Poi after I was done playing with the fire ones and overall played outside for about an hour before I just now came back in.

I am thrilled and overjoyed. This is truely an art that sings to me and I enjoy throughly. Thank you guys for being here and for sharing this wonderful gift to the world.

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