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Posted:So maybe it's just me, but I can't seem to find many, if any, events in the midwest US. I am 2 hours south-east of St Louis and there is nothing local! ((sigh)) Guess I might have to start a poi group myself ((big grin)))

PS: if anyone knows of events in the midwest that occur annually, please drop me a PM or somthing

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Posted:I know theres a fire troupe called Wildfire Entertainment out of Chicago, and a chapter(?) of them out in Oklahoma. For events, can't really help you there, sorry

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Posted:Well, there are occasional small gatherings in Detroit. Not much help to ya, huh?

Yeah. I hate the Midwest. It's so friggin... BIG. And the people are so friggin... [I]NORMAL[/I.


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Posted:There are also some small gatherings in Minneapolis, of which I have been to none of them.

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