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Dirty Marmite Spider

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  Posted: Sorry to post yet another depressing thread everyone, but this is important to me.

Elliott Smith was one of my favourite artists who I loved listening to. His lyrics were amazing and he had a musical talent not easilty matched IMHO.

Today he comitted suicide , and now I'll never get to see him live which I really wanted to do. It makes me think I should seize the day more often and stop putting things off.

Anyway this thread was just to pay homage to him and to say how sad I am.

Goodbye Elliott.

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  Posted:Rest in peace Elliot

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  Posted:You're kidding! He commited suicide!!!

Its kind of knocked the wind out of me...

Damn fine musician...

um... without sounding too disrespectful: how did he decide to go...


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  Posted:what the F^%&??????

im listening to his figure 8 cd right now.


that feels wierd.

i love his music.

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Dirty Marmite Spider

Dirty Marmite Spider

Climbing up my leg
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  Posted:Aparently he stabbed himself and his GF found him.

So sad, why would you do that - he had a lot to live for.

Dentrassi - ditto on the Figure 8 CD, and Either/or. I love that music.


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  Posted:i found out last night in the weirdest way. the flaming lips dedicated a song to him and then afterwards told everyone. i've never heard a gig go so quiet. then the lips played "do you realise". it was all quite emotional.

why do these super talented people, who seem to have so much insight, do it to themselves?

the world is so wrong at times

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