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Posted:I need a good music player that I can use while in Germany.

My girlfriend invited me to go to Germany with her to meet her family (mind you, I don't speak a word of german besides "Schlaf gud" which is pretty hard to carry conversation with), but the dilema is, I live in the US. I'm on limited supply of money (around $250) and I need a good Mp3 player (no mp3/cd players).

I was just watching bids on for the 10gig iPod go from $208 to $232 in the last minute. That kinda bummed me out, so need a preferably sure way to get one.

Also, since I'm going to be in Germany for 3 weeks I kinda need a long lasting battery life. Don't really need to be spending alot of money on AA batteries.

Thank you all!

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Posted:forget iPods, they have a big following from mac lovers with more money than sense and hence the price is pushed up. They also have big harddisks. Ones without harddisks are only really good if you have access to a computer with your collection on regularly, provided you're not one of the annoying people in the world who only have one cd which they play on loop mode, generally at high volume and don't seem to mind that they've played the same track 5 times already that day, and about 50 million times so far this year </rant> *sorry, don't know what came over me there!*. You can get removable storage for them, but it's expensive, about 25 quid per 2 hours.

Quality wise you'd do better off with an minidisc player. For your budget you could get a good make with long batterylife and all the minidiscs you can carry. I've been using minidisc and contemplating a shift to mp3 for years, but it's not worth the money yet. Sony and some other people now make minidisc recorders which plug to computers via usb, so you can download songs like you would to an mp3, i'd definately advise trying to get one of these if you go minidisc route.


Posted:You could try an archos

They provide a wide range of HDD MP3 and MPEG4 players for less than the price of an iPod. [EDIT - when i say less I mean about the same price... sorry only just checked that! do'h!]

My flatm8's got one of the MPEG4 players (10Gb hdd I think and it also does MP3) and it's never left his side... it's got about a gig's worth of Futurama on there which he jacks into the TV or watches them on the move, it has a tiny screen on it, but the new one looks to have a bigger screen...


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