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  Posted: well the first thing is parrafin obviously
secondly is my knees, i have been doing Poi for ...well since the second of august.
i love it, i have tried to learn many things and never cared enough about them to practice, saxophone, guitar, a level maths none of them grabbed me at all.
poi, poipoipoi, i try to practice for at least an hour a day, i love it, music and Poi and an empty space.
but i have a problem, i keep dislocating my knees, the other night i was in my back garden into hour 3 of my nights practice, got about 3 new moves worked out which was great as i had got no new ones for a week or so then BANG my right knee dislocates, my kneecap pops to one side and i fall to the ground in total agony, at that moment the battery runs out on my minidisc and i find myself totally alone unable to move in the dark and i just wanted to die.
all the time, the one thing i love is constantly wrecked by my bloody knees, i dont know when its going to happen it just does its the most horrible thing ever (bar the blood swaet and Poi thread)
i have had offers to get paid to go clubbing for money with glowing Poi which i...think i could do, i dont think im that good but i think im good enough, i can do all the free lessons on hop well and link and some others too.
also a presentation at a medieval banquet with fire, but how to present, no idea
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  Posted:I was born with *extra* loose joints.. I don't actually dislocate anything - but it sure hell hurts after a while, knees and wrists mainly.

I've got used to strapping up with tubi-grip or similar.. I've even got special ones for my wrists with holes cuts in to give extra support to my wrists when I'm spinning my Mathmos bubbles - coz I'm only ickle and they are damed heavy!

Hoep your knee gets better but in the mean time - take it easy and strap it up!

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  Posted:last summer, i was sat down crossed legged, stood up form that posistion and my cartilidge in my left knee then proceeded to spilt inside the knee, causing a disgustingly large amount of pain and suffering. couldn't straighten my leg for about a month before the operation, and after that it was exercise and work outs on it all the time to get it back to working condition, so i can imagine to some degree what you've got going on each time. but saying that, considering you don't know your going to wake up tomorrow, just get out there and do it......


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  Posted:Have you tried with those knee braces that have the mechanical fittings rather than just neoprene tubes? I have a torn cruciate ligament and can run down hill with one no problems. I also really want to be a cyborg so they appeal to my sense of aestethics as well.

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  Posted:How on earth are you throwing your knee out doing Poi which is all arm movements?

must be a pain though, hope some of these brace suggestions work out!



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  Posted:Prevention is the way forward...but use knee supports. The most important thing is to WARM UP first! Congratulations my friend, since August you have been a dancer. All dancers need to warm up and warm down to prevent injury. I very rarely see any spinners warm up!

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  Posted: Poi DOES put a fair bit of pressure on your knees.

The knees absorb a lot of the horizontal force of swinging weights rapidly from one side of your body to another.

Ankles can be affected too if they are injured the wrong way.

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  Posted:Oh man I feel your pain!!!

About 8 months ago I dislocated my knee twirling too and the pain just sucks ass...
Dont push it, let it heal...
I was twirling again about a month later with this massive brace on my leg that went all the way up my thigh and it wasnt a smart thing to do...
I have now dislocated my knee 4 times and it is just a pain in the ass, unfortunatly the more times you do it the weaker the joint gets and the more predisposed you become...
Last time I was preforming in front of a whole huge group of people and I felt it go and arsn had to put it in again... yuckiness

quote: Originally posted by frostypaw
How on earth are you throwing your knee out doing Poi which is all arm movements? Its very easy matey... I do many twists with my body when I twirl. Poi is not just arm movement.. your entire body is used and just the wrong amount of pressure on the wrong point can make it your knee slip out... I have dislocated my knee making the bed and walking in the shopping mall... go figure.

I have had surgery to correct the problem but a fat lot of good that did...oh well .
Make sure that you see a physio original, because they can tell you where the problem areas are and how to strengthen certian muscles that you may need... I hope you feel better soon...

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