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Posted:Hey have any of you been following the news on that poor Cubs fan who tried to catch the foul ball and prevented a possible out. Man I feel sorry for this poor sucker. I mean the poor guy is just trying to enjoy the game and tries to do what everybody there with a glove tries to do, catch a foul ball. He didn't mean to interfer with the game and all of a sudden he has psycho fans trying to kill him. Do any of you feel that this guy is getting a bum rap. Maybe it's because I'm not a sports fan but I think people take this sh*t way to seriously.. Isn't it all just supposed to be entertainment.

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Posted:Aren't the Cubs a bit crap in the first place? I may be getting them mixed up with another team but I recall they rarely if ever manage to get into the play off of anything.

At least they'll get to make an appearence in the "what happens next?" bit of A Question of Sport.

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Posted:for those of you not sure heres

part of me finds this quite amusing..not that the guy fears his life but that people take it so seriously!!ITS A GAME!!!! the other part obviously feels sorry 4 the guy, he was only doing what a bunch of other people were doing, but on the positive side theres


so hopefully he'll make some cash - or at least have a place in history

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Posted:Poor guy

Some people take sport far to seriously!


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