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Posted:I don't really know who to post this to, but maybe a "workshop" category to go along with the "meet others" category might be helpful. This means instead of trawling through all the names of people in your country, one could look in this category and see if there was a workshop nearby. If there is not one near you.....then set one up. Find someone through "meeting others" and try to set one up. It only takes a commitment of a time and a place. Once you start meeting regularly you'll be surprise how many people find out about it and want to come play. A Workshop can be anywhere. A park, a church hall, a beach, a warehouse.....When we started our local workshop it was just a couple of friends having a laugh, since then we've had to move to a larger space and get up to 100 people a week. I think a central workshop category will not only bring a few already established workshops out of the woodwork but it will also allow new seeds to be planted and bring more people together.

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