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i need a hug, my beloved grandma passed away this morning .
what a past few days.... ****ing sucks.


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LAME! You can only post 8 images at once!


Feel better.

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it makes me sad to know that you have to go through this, mate.

but, bby virtue of being your grandmother, her distinctiveness has surely instilled into the awesomw person that you are, pk! in that sense, she is not totally gone, nor ever that far away.

my condolences to a cherished friend

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sorry that C@ntus used up his last 20p texting me...

and more than sorry about your grandmothers passing. BIG BIG SNUGGLY HUGZ to you and your loved ones PK honey! xoxoxoxoxo

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for you dude.

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You are in my prayers PK.

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my prayers and thoughts go to you traited one. just so you know our hearts are with youat all times, besides, she probably having a pina colada (SP?) poolside with St Paul right now, so try and smile!

X x X x X

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PK, I am extremely sorry that happened to you. You're such a wonderful person and I'm sure your grandma was as well (after all, we learn from our elders right?).

Hopefully you will take this box of online candies (special batch that you can personalize to any ammount, and type you want) as comfort food.

Ice cream works well, unless you're lactose intolerant... then a good rock candy bar thingy would work just as well. Just don't eat those astronaut food (it's a strange type!)

Many hugs PK


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