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Mr Hands

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  Posted: SO hello Groovy type chappios...

If you are reading this, first let me thank you for doing so... but enough about reading (readings for whimps, but don't let that stop you finishing my question please).
I'm posting this thread primarily to seek out any one in the south of Wales (that country tacked on the side of England) who can instruct me more concisely on Contact Juggling, and hey, if anyone can play the flute better than me I may as well ask for your help to.

Oh, and when I say 'south of Wales' I mostly mean places immediately around Newport, like Cardiff, Cwmbran, Caerleon, and all those exotic locations on the bottom of the Welsh Marches begining with 'C' and stuff...

did you know that Caerleon was a huge Roman Fort... but they splept in a ditch if their buildings are anything like they are today...

Anyway, I shall cease my waffling...

Have fun dudes... please help me...

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  Posted:i live in New South Wales.... does that count? of course not! i cant contact juggle!

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  Posted:Ohh and I've been to Wales before

AND I can contact juggle (badly)



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