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Posted:I'm new to this London stuff, I've been spinning for a mini while, just learnt reverse weave... as in about ten minutes ago. I'm chuffed! But where is Spitz? What's it like there? When do you meet? and same for Clapham common? I'd like to get me some info before I check them out.... but I shall be with you all soon for a few brewskies!
And sheffieldians, where do you guys meet up to poi? I remember the name of a park beginning with E, but nothing more.....
Any other places in England to spin would be welcomed. I only spin at free parties and mostly whenever I get free time but I need some pointers!
Enquiring minds wanna know.....
Thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mary

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Posted:Hey Gotta,

Spitz can be found by making your way to liverpool St station on the Central line.
and the following map link shows you the area and...

Spitalfields is just off of Brushfield St

Meets are every tuesday from 6:30pm till 10-11pm (depending upon who's most dedicated... )

As to what it's like... a very friendly crowd of some of the maddest spinners and jugglers around!

hopefully see you there soon.


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Posted:I need to move to seems like the fire spinning community there is a lot better than the one here.

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Posted:I agree the Londoners are wonderful.. but a community is what you make it hun..

oo and it's Endcliffe Park..

you are always welcome in Guildford on Thursday nights - PM me or Durbs for further info

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

You are never to old to storm a bouncey castle..


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