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Posted:Hi to all from Cosmic Flame

Not sure wether this is the height of cheekyness, or a sociably acceptable put-out-there-ness!! But.....
The FireDancing duo that is Cosmic Flame (You might have seen us at Glasters, Guilfest - in unofficial playfull guise, BGG, EJC, BJC, amongst others - they are events not just random occurances of letters!) - are leaving these shores (UK) to perfrom in India again. As such we are sad to have to leave our trusty stead - Big, luvly, green, converted DodgeVan, with wooden interior, cooker, sink, shower (well ok - no shower), and an engine that will run for ever (long name for a stead heh!) behind!!
So I thought I'd let all you on homeofpoi, have 1st refusal.
It really is a wonderfull old thing (not that old at 20 yrs!) and has treated us well , as we led it all over the UK and Europe this summer.
I know many of us dont have money exploding from our pockets, but it is a real steal at 1,500 ONO
So if you want a lovely place to live in, or a "im safe as houses in this monster" drive about, or you want to pick-up a piece of FireDancing history - it'll probably be worth a fortune when we get (even more!) famous., then get in contact on email ASAP as its going "on the market" very soon and im sure it'll get snapped-up. You lucky, lucky people
Love to all and an openness to suggestions of where I should really put this email!!

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