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i dont know why im posting this. i think i just need some people who dont really know me and the kind of person i am to just maybe post those little hug icons.....i dont know really.....

i think ive just lost my two best friends.....and its all my fault. i doubt i could hate myself much more that i do now.

i would have changed ***** to phallus, and claire to petey Petey

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big babe

i hope they are good friends and don't give up on you easily - everyone screws up sometimes eh, friends forgive.


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thinking of you darling.

It's never too late!!


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and another cos you sounds so damn sad

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yep, this sucks major league!!

ive been stupid enough to do this on more than one occasion and im still kicking myself for it grrrrrrrrrr

whats up with all the limitations?

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Things are never as bad as they may seem!

Thinking of you

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pm me if you need anything, drangon, speak to you soon dude!

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It's really hard to lose a real best friend. I stupidly tried for years once with no success. So why not put some of that effort from feeling bad into effort to get them back?

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You acknowledge it's your fault and that's a start. Tell them you've made a mistake and how sorry you are and stuff and tell 'em you'd like them back and if they wanna give you a chance they know where to find you. If your friendships were worth anything before you deserve another chance.

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Rouge Dragon: Hope you manage to sort it. As various people have said, real best friends don't go away easily, hopefully it will be that way in your case.

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BIG hugs all the way from london... hope you feel better soon!!

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A true friend will eventually forgive you pretty much anything. If it really is your fault, apologise sincerely, and if they don't want to know, then they're not as true a friend as you thought.

Big hugs

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I tend to look down the back of the couch when I lose things. Have you tried there?

Seriously though, I echo Dom in the "its hard to lose friends". You have to try extremely hard. I have a couple of people who have managed to achieve it and have lost my friendship. But trust me, they really had to make an effort to do that. They could also win it back, although maybe not to the same extent, if they recognised what went wrong and apologised.

If you have lost a friendship because of something you have done, and you want to keep that friendship, make amends. If you have lost a friendship through neglect, then give them a call, get in touch, and set things right again.

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aww hun i'm sorry

i've been there many a times before, most of the time with my best friend of all times. she and i have known each other since we were 3 (we're 25 now) and we've been through hell and back together...often sending each other there ourselves. believe me, the horrible things we have done together come short of killing each other's families. you know the whole, she gives me the ok to date her ex, i go ahead with it, she gets mad, sleeps with him while we're together, i steal him back from her....blah blah blah. it only gets worse from there. and we've gone for months and years without talking to each other. but our friendship was the truest either of us ever had, and you grow and learn from your mistakes, and you find your way back to each other. there's nothing now i wouldn't do for my best friend, and the same goes for her for me. if you and your best friends are true, it will work itself out. and if not, then i know it hurts, but things happen for a reason. i firmly believe that, and although it doesn't make it feel better at the time, you can only further your growth as a human being with everything you endure.

hugs and stuff and much lovies

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I din't speak to my best friend for about 2 and a half years.. it was very uncomfortable for all of our mutual friends as neither of us would be in the same vacinity..

but time heals petal.. say your sorry and that you admit it's all your fault - if it is indeed.. bust ups can only happed if two people are involved.

I wouldn't be without her now - I'd say our friendhip is stronger now.. as we know now that nothing can keep us from being friends - we've been thru the worst of worst things - everything else is just peanuts and can be dealt with..

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

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For some stupid reason i once turned my back on my best friend........ it took three months before i admitted i was wrong and apologized (i'm kinda stubborn sometimes) and she accepted my apology, and we're still friends.

Hope it turns out okay for you

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Step (el-nombrie)

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Ahh honey

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it'll all work out, these things normally do. Take care hunny.

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i tried to talk to them. it hasnt worked. in fact i think things are worse off. i dont want to lose them. i know they are good friends. the thing is that im not. but i dont want to lose them! id do anything! they are my best friends and i feel they dont like me anymore. i pushed them away and didnt realise it until they told me and by then it was too late.
i want to change school and go to where people dont know me. dont know who i am and what ive done.
i want to fix things so badly, but one of them has announced their walking out on me and i feel its only a matter of time before the other does too. i cant fix things with people who have walked out on me! BUT I SO BADLY WANT TO! THESE FRIENDS ARE TOO GOOD TO SAY "AW WELL ILL MAKE MORE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i would have changed ***** to phallus, and claire to petey Petey

Rougie: but that's what I'm doing here
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