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  Posted: I was at work yesterday and thought of 2 things that annoy me more then anything, and though i would start a thread as a place for ppl to get off there chest what is is that ppl do to them that annoys them more then anything....

I work at a large tool store as a check out chick, and the first thing that really shits me is
- when u put up your "sorry this lane is closed" sign, and it is a big sign, so u cant miss it, and customers come along and see u are serving your last person, look at teh sign, look at you, look at the next lane whih is longer look back at the sign and then skip around it thinking that i wont notice. And then get cranky with me when i tell them to look at the bloody sign

- the other thing that really pushes my annoyance buttons is people who have stood in line for 3-4 minutes, and it is real busy so u are working as fast as u can, but it is only once they get up to u and u process all their products tha they think about get their money out, or deciding which plastic device they wont to use. As if it is that hard to when u are waiting in line with nothing else to do

neway...cheers ppl


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  Posted:too much month at the end of the money

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

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