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  Posted: Hi, I would like to say to Tempest that when I came up to PIP I was hoping to make fresh start as it turns out I have nothing to do with my ex who made those threats to you long ago. I tried hard to sort things out and as it was I screwed up. Is it possible for you to forgive me for those things and to start off fresh. All I want to do is spin Poi with good people with noone affecting it in negative ways. Pleeeease??????
Once again I am so sorry.

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  Posted:snowy - i don't mean to be rude but isn't there a pm/email button for this type of message?

this isn't exactly a point for public discussion is it...?

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  Posted:Peace, but keep it personal


  Posted:Well I'm now back as this name cos Fritzy the Gambino captain decided to use illegal software/programming blaa blaa to do a petty thing and change all my info etc... inc passwords... how nice of an ex ey?


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