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o_range vixin

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Posted:Is anyone here from VIctoria australia....
i live in the south-west of victoria and am moving to melb soon. i would love the oppertunity to meet up with spinners and twirlers. If your in this area PLEASE drop me a line. I would love to meet new people who share the same interests and passions.

Happy twirling

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Posted:heya there! theres loads of us here in melbourne, just check out the thread in International Events and Gatherings, titled Workshops in Melbourne Australie!

Hope to meet you soon!

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Posted:two words : meet others forum.

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Posted:Hello Vixen type person!
Yes, we melbournian spinners are your standard bunch of calm collected and well balanced members of society - and we each have a SANE stamp on the back of our hands to prove it. No, come back! Where are you going.. stop running.. we won't really eat you no matter what flynt says!

Here be the link to the melbourne thread!


(ALSO, this thread is bound to get moved off to somewhere else - but whoever the mod is reading this, could you just close this one then open it again somewhere new (with a link).. so Vixen can find it? Otherwise threads seem to dissapear.. Cheers)

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