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  Posted: Have you ever been Spinning Fire Poi and someone walks up to you and says:

"I can do that, can I have a go?"

I want to hear all your funny stories about this!

Mines was 2 weeks ago when I was in France, I have a lad walk up to me as i was spinning on the beach and said "I can do that, can I have a go?"

I gave him the whole - this is fire, very dangerous, i accpet no responsibility etc etc etc talk

He said ok and took my Poi. He took one single Fire Poi first. started to spin and was pretty good (isnt everyone with one poi) until he asked for the second one. i warned him again but he said he has seen this done b4.

Well he didnt even have the Poi 3 seconds before he hit himself on the back of the head. A few seconds later he hit his balls really hard. He fell to the ground and said "Merd!" hahahaha

So lets hear your amusing stories

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  Posted:I was spinning at my college while i was waiting.I was spinning with tennisballs. So a draw a lil crowd and a few of my friends think they are brave enough to spin...(i always give them a chance coz it makes me look better)So the one guy Ron (he is the loud type) he spins and he tries to do a forward weave...needless to say,this 350lbs man dropped to the floor and wimppered after the chains connected and hit him square in the nuts.I laughed so hard

And so when i started spinning again everyone had a bigger respect for the art

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  Posted:Sometimes it works the other way. I was teaching my friend in Hudson River Park yesterday and this guy was watching us. He asked to have a go with my Sock Poi, and did a forward 3 beat weave just beautifully. He said the arm motions were the same as some stick-fighting martial arts he had learned. He didn't know anything else, though.

Also, there was this little girl and when she saw me doing the butterfly, she spontaneously said: "Oh, that's amazing, it looks just like a butterfly!" I never thought the name made much sense, but if a little girl can figure it out on her own, it's okay by me.

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  Posted:i get people who tell me my butterflys look like butterflys...

people who want to have ago, i ususually have to sets of Poi with me so i just try and teach them rather than letting them spin wildly.
they inevitably do get nad pain at some point though

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  Posted:yep... lots of drunken requests in oxford when i'm spinning. a while back, had this monster of a man come up and ask to try the fire breahting... tried the whoile "don't think its a good idea... no really.... seriously... don't think itas a good idea" thing.... dude wasn't having any o it.. told him how ... the "whatever you do... DONT swallow" bit... dude takes a mouth full and promptly throws up all over his shoes...... moved away from that spot for a while after that...


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  Posted:I was in an actung company about two years ago when I first got my Poi, so I took them to a rehearsal and was spinning them during lunch break, feeling pretty good about myself since no one there had any idea what they were. Then my friend Anthony, about 2 years younger than me came up and asked to have a go. I said sure, still feeling pretty damn slick...until he did weave, to reverse weave, then windmill and corkscrew.... he swore up and down that he'd never used Poi before but that he picked his skills up from his competitive skipping group.
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  Posted:I've only handed lit Poi over once, the guy lit his pants on fire. Sure we all had a good laugh but that was that. stupid move on my part.

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  Posted:I 4got to mention....the big guy that slammed himself with my Poi...he is now the perfect guy to have around,coz he keeps going on about how difficult it actualy is and that i am good,and that it is more difficult than it looks and stuff like that.So more people with out co-ords should try Poi.

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  Posted:I have had this happen several times at festivals. I find a lot of martial arts people who want to try the staff, and they can usually only do a few simple moves, but they can pick it up pretty fast it seems, as one dude got one of my contact rolls last weekend the first time he tried it.

I've had people come up and try the Poi, and they were all really good. I've gotten a bunch of people into spinning fire this way (many were glowstick people first). I have had people come up obviously trashed though that I would just hand my beamers to. Usually worked itself out without burning anyone. Heck, one time an 8 year old girl asked me for them, and proceeded do moves I hadn't even gotten good at yet (but I figured out how to do the reverse weave correctly from her... ).

It's always fun to have someone come back and say "This is my new hobby" after you give them a shot...



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  Posted:quote:It's always fun to have someone come back and say "This is my new hobby" after you give them a feels good to be a poi-evangelist too many people lack hobbies past drinking and tv!



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  Posted:the martial art sport. the dude did. is called escrima .it originaates from the filipines
. i did it too before i started firespinning.

yeah i always had some tough guys who are two heads bigger than me. coming to me and saying.= is that as easy as it looks???
hehehehe you want too trie???
wait untill the fire is out and then you can have a go....
dude starts swinging. and you can tell that he cant do it because swinging with the left arm doesnt go that wel. and he says=
. wo this isnt as easy as it...oooowwghhhhhh. ie shit.

with other people i dont laugh so hard.but come on. if you say looks easy your asking for it.

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  Posted:I have been hit in the nads, and at that time I did not find it at all funny, but...
When my friend started spinning, he was trying to get me into it. He starts spinning, says "this is one of the easiest moves", and I watch the electroglo Poi twist together and go straight into his nads, I could not stop laughing.
but hey, now I am getting into it, so what can I say.

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  Posted:I've found that the amount of people asking to have a go is directly proportional to how hard the Poi are; no one wants the socks, but EVERYONE and theer six year old wants to try and bash out their teeth with the beamers.

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  Posted:Hehe, I practice a lott with my tennis-ball poi's outside and then all kinds of people come at me and ask if they can give it a try.
So, I sit back and amuse myself seeing them trying to spin the Poi like I dit just the minute before.
After a while they give up and walk away af if they crapped there pants

Oh, and It's allway's nice to hear people say "uh, that Poi stuff is for fags"
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  Posted:foreau, i know just what you mean.

sinse im still really early in staff/poi, i usually go to shows as a safety. well, my friends were spinning at the drive in theatre, and this one drunken hick was just going crazy, callin us faggots and what-not. he actually came up to us and started interogating us like we weere doing something wrong. "what are you doing? what makes you think you can just come here and do this? youre gonna kill us all" it was funny at first, but he started gettin a bit physical, so me and the other safety asked him to return to his friends. (we towered over this guy, so he didnt make to much of a fuss over our request) he still yelled and screamed, until we (uh..they) lit up and started going nuts. he promptly shut his hole.
he hit jaimie with a rock and jaime chased him around with his Fire Poi. he wouldnt hurt him, he was just trying to humiliate him. i laughed.