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Posted: basically im stuck at work at the moment bored out of my bloody mind cos im stuck at the end of the office on my own on a 12-8 shift while outside the sun is shining and i am 2 minutes from a large open space and my Poi sat sad and motionless on the floor.
you can feel my anger you can feel my pain,
you can feel this torment driving me insane.
anyway i digress, saturday and sunday were exellent days full of Poi and freinds and sunshine and random strangers forming circles around us as we dazzled them with our twilry skills, one guy actually makes fluffy Poi and came to see and said he would give us a beutiful set for free.
that night we all tripped down to the park with a jar of parrafin and Fire Poi, i was on about 30grams of magic mushrooms so i literally took a trip down to the park hallucinating like crazy.
Twirling really comes sooooooo easy on that drug and i put on the best most acurate most technical fire show of my life, bearing in mind i have only done Poi for 6 weeks, a behind the back 3 beat wave is challenging, but i did it, i did the best dance ever and i was happy.
The rate of improvement is crazy, i practice for at least an hour a day, very often a lot longer, i can do a lot of moves and my linking improves all the time......damn.....bloody britney spears is on the office radio again and if i change it ill get shouted at.
i hate you britney, i hope you choke on your own smug self satisfied smile.
can you tell im bored???????
so i want to pick up 4 and 5 beat waves but boy are they hard, im trying to start it off by doing the triple corkscrew as this seems easier to me and is a 5 beat of sorts.
anyways im going home now, well i say home my girlfreind has just sent me a text to say shes been attacked at a bus stop so im on my way to central police station.
more poo
must be very careful to be calm and not beat the hell out of any beggars who ask me for money...that will be tricky in my current mood.
bye all more fun tales tomorrow.

my original signature was tooo long.
this one is shorter

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Posted:so i sat and am doing basicly the same damn thing i wonder you wanna trade me places.

we could live beside the ocean leave the fire behind
swim out past the breakers watch the world die


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