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Posted:So about two years ago, as a first medical student, I was assigned to be a "medbuddy" for a boy in the hospital with kidney failure. I became good friends and quite attached to this boy before he was discharged and had to come back here from his home two hours away four times a week for dialysis.

He got a new kidney yesterday. He's up on our floor now. He's sick with his post-operative status and all, but he's going to get better. Yes, he faces a long and difficult life, like any transplant patient, but it's SO much better than being on dialysis. I'm so happy for him.

Happy news!

-Mike )'(
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Posted:Great news Mike! That transplant is going to do wonders for him and his family. It did for us when my step dad got is first one.

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Posted:that is good news...

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Posted:That's so great. I can't get news like that on CNN! I love hearing about the good in the world. Thanks for that dose of heartwarming.


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