Circles of Light #4

This is the 2003 compilation video featuring artists from USA, Canada, England, Japan, Finland, Austria, Scotland, Belgium, France, Australia and New Zealand.

What will you see on the video?

Heaps of weaves, Behind the back moves, cart wheels, forward rolls and jump overs whilst doing poi, leg, arm and neck >wraps and isolations, staff, double staff, staff and poi together, led glow Poi, glow sticks, tailed poi, flags, Beaming poi, comet poi, Fire Poi, meteors, live performances, glow staff, lots of different styles, transitions and equipment.....

Who appears in the video?

Boys in tha Hood
Nick Woolsey & Rob Goodwin
Vancouver, Canada.
Camera Work: Tim Chisholm.

Central City Circus
Markee Spark, PaulyPaul, The Twiza
Auckland, New Zealand

Wendy Mackay
Farrer, ACT, Australia
Editing: Phil.

Tommi Suomela
Rajamaki, Finland

Yuta Ushiogi
Tokyo, Japan

Tom Fitzherbert
Kent, England

Highly Flammable
OUSA Fire Club, Sarah Pepers, Jeffry Ghazally, Dan Hendra, Hamish Smithers, Greg Ford, Jamie Dickens, Sara Clark
Dunedin, New Zealand

Paddy Spear
Toronto, ON, Canada

Joseph Donyo
Paris, France
Filmed by: Beth Cloutier, Lena Cohen, Glass
Edited: Lena Cohen

Isa Isaacs
San Francisco, CA, USA

Bender the Offender
Bill La
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Antti Suniala
Antti Suniala

James Esbester
Hants, England

Aiden Tempest
Aiden Tempest
West Yorkshire, England

Fire Sisters
Linda Jo Malloy & Lindsay Hacker
Toronto, ON, Canada
Director, Producer, Camera, Editor: Ian Mah.

Das Spielvolk
Thomas Kugener
Tirol, Austria
Fire fountain by Gebhard Schatz
Director and Camera: Norbert Prettenthaler

Edinburgh, Scotland

Pele's Element
shireen press, Delpha Turley and Kricket Caffery
Portland, OR, USA
Director/Camera/Editing: Kathy Schaeffer.
2nd Camera: Marlene Andrejco

Melanie Lussier
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Camera/Editing: Sierra Rose Carp.

Andrew Reynolds
Margate, TAZ, Australia

Felix Chen
Cairns, Australia.

Urban Fire Tribe
Fief & Ysah
Gent, Belgium
Thanks to: Zoltan & Orange-boy
Editing: Wayan Blue

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Dio - Wildfire Entertainment
Vernon Skach
Stillwater, OK, USA

c/o Jason Angove
Tokyo, Japan

Jo Derry
Jo Derry
Leeds / Shefield, England

White Fox
Matt Loftus
Nashville, TN, USA

Enter the Spider
Bryan Czerwinski
Batavia, IL, USA

Celia Churchill
Bournemouth, England
Editing: KGB Visuals

Tom Caine
Devon, Scotland

...Playing with Fire
Ray Bushnell
Chico, CA, USA
Filmed and Edited by Ted Davis.

Dantana and Jedi White
Daniel Tyler and special surprise guest star Jedi White on water fall :-)
Stillwater, OK, USA

Fred Yates
Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Tim Marston
Cumbria, UK
Production team: P.Graham,D.Stephenson,S.Scales and J.Marston

Elizabeth and the Stillvapor Fire Brigade
Elizabeth, Tony and B.J
Marietta, GA, USA
Video produced by G.I.L.

Cover design by by Tomoko Saitou
Tokyo, Japan

Music on the video

1. "Consciousness" by Nystagmus.
2. "under the influenza","God isn't Interested" & "Contacted by an Alien" by Tristan Binsted.
3,4,5. "Fuel" by Paddy. >
6. "Helecopter Music" by Tony Coaker.
7. by Ozi Bsy.
8. "Gamma" by Paddy.
9,10,11. "My Insanity" by Paddy.
12. "Track3" by Daniel Tyler.
13,14. "Angels" by Paddy.
15. "All things Change" and "Iris" by Kan'Nal.
16. by Dr Idoo.
17. by Chris Hand.
18. "Portal" by Illumine.
19,20. "Jaxaiax" by Nomadix.
21."Haze mixdown" by Nomadix.
22.23,24. "Another dimension" by Nomadix.
25. Percussion by Sunsutra.
26,27. "Generation Xbox" by Nomadix.
28."Disolution of Eternity" by Erther.
29,30."Track2" by Daniel Tyler.
31. "Reasoning Ditty" by SAPO.
32 "Track1" by Daniel Tyler.
33. "Movement - track 1" by DJ EvenFlo.
34. "Fresh out of Inspiration?" by Adam Broadley.
35."Feels so real" by Nomadix.

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