Circles of Light #3

COL3 video

Sorry this VHS video is no longer available for sale. We may release in future on DVD as a collectors item.

This is the 2002 compilation video featuring artists from USA, England, Israel, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa

What will you see on the video?

Heaps of 5 beat weaves, Behind the back moves, cart wheels, forward rolls and jump overs whilst doing poi, leg, arm and neck wraps and isolations, staff, double staff, staff and poi together, led glow Poi, glow sticks, tailed poi, flags, Beaming poi, comet poi, fire whips, meteors, live performances, Fire Poi, fire breathing, glow staff, lots of different styles, transitions and equipment.....

Another compilation full of inspiration and variation in it and I know everyone will gain something from watching it.

Who appears in the video?

Two Platoon & Koji
Anjo-city, Aichi, Japan

David Ivester
Charlotte, NC, USA

Hybrid Performing Arts Team
Craig Cole
South Africa

Ken Harris
Independence, KY, USA

New York City, NY, USA

Thomas Haynes
Springfield, MO, USA

Kirsten Crouse
Conroe, TX, USA

PK & Noona

Mark Williams
Auckland, New Zealand

Felix Chen
Cairns, Qld, Australia

Kato -vs- Jo
Kato, Jo Derry

Jedi White
John Smith
Stillwater, OK, USA

Wrap Master Funk
Daniel Tyler
Stillwater, OK, USA

Jacob Lanter
Charlotte, NC, USA

Fire Shaman
Mitchell Gomez
Tampa, FL, USA

Sista Firewire
Anya Huebschle
Berlin, Germany

Peregrine, Samiya, Anisa, Nomad, Code128, Tito
(filmed by Daniel Furst)
Boston, MA, USA

Wildfire Entertainment
Nasu Dyami, Brian Gallagher, Cris Fawcette
Chicago, IL, USA

Tampa, FL, USA

Elizabeth, Brian, Mark,
Jessica, Keith, Ryan, Wesley and Jay.
Filmed by Gil Braum
Marieta, GA, USA

Adi LeeAv
Alfey Menashe, Israel

Tom Caine
Totness, Devon, UK

Shaun Cole,
Stroudsburg, PA, USA

Pozee & Veronica
Oceanside, CA, USA

Inflammable Divas: Apple & Firefly Lux
Cheryl Sturgis & Indigo Teiwes-Cain
Portland, OR, USA

Koji & Akiko
Koji Ito & Akiko Endo
Anjo-city, Aichi, Japan

Clovis, CA, USA

Tempest (Liam), Rumplestiltskin (Nathan), Phat Boy (Aiden Tempest)

Bender the Offender
Melbourne, Australia

Cover by: Melissa Whitman

Music on the video

16. "Beats of Berlin" by Sista Firewire
Anya Huebschle
Berlin, Germany

1. "Der peeper-Tasch" & 13."Fort Trance-Loch" by Flick.S

2. "Ghost Machine", 25&26."Broken Mirror", 7,8,9,10. "Umbongo" & 14,15 "No More Darkness" by Dj NewboRn
Leicester, UK

5,6,20,21,22,23,24,27,28,29,30 by The Nomadix

11,12 "Xeroefct" by Paddy Spear

19. by Eamonn Fevah.

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