Circles of Light 2013

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These are the 2013 compilation and competition videos submitted for COL2013.

As usual judging will be difficult trying to consider all the different aspects.
COL has been a major fundraiser for us to provide the forums and free lessons in years past. Even though there is no return from offering free downloads, we will still be providing prizes for the winning clips. To help support COL please continue to purchase your gear from us.

We are very proud of COL and the Performance Arts Community for what they have accomplished and also for inspiring so many others.

Congratulations to the following winners...

# 1st prize of USD$2000 Cash! and USD$1000 credit to their HOP shop account.
Demeure du chaos

# 2nd prize of USD$500 credit to their HOP shop account.

# 3rd prize of USD$250 credit to their HOP shop account.
Buugeng in Mountain

Much thanks to all, we really appreciate all your support and I look forward to seeing what next years COL2014 will bring.


Contents of COL2013

Demeure du Chaos

Performed in: Russia / Lithuania / France
Performers: Rem & Sophisma
performers website:
Producer: Roman Anufriev
Producer website:
Music: The Piano Sonata No. 14 in C♯ minor by Ludwig van Beethoven
Music by: Sophisma
Special thanks to:We would like to thank the contemporary art museum "Demeure du Chaos" for the wonderful atmosphere for this video. We also wish to acknowledge Lyon I University for the possibly to record the music with their amazing piano :)

Buugeng in Mountain

Performed in: Czech Republic
Performers: Hana Davidovai Martin Fisnar
Producer: Hana Davidovai
Music: There's a girl who says ...
Music by: Mark Boulle


Performed in: New Zealand
Performers: Mr. Andreas Overdahl Ms. Sophie Thomas Mr. Michael Armstrong Mr. Samuel Hankins Ms Jaine Mieka Ms. Emma Necus Mr. Benjamin Hinch
Producer: Isaebella Doherty
Producer website:

Pele's Daughter

Performed in: Hawaii
Performers: SeaFire (Susanna Walczak-Pol)
performers website:
Producer: Kevin Hoffman
Music: Gem Garden
Music by: Gabriel E.L.F

Dazhuan Weifang

Performed in: China
Performers: Trace Lund
performers website:
Music: Peach Blossom Bits
Music by: Red Toad and the Wicked Sounds
Music website:
Camera: Allison Black Lund
Special thanks to:Weifang, China and its residents.

City Lights

Performed in: New York City, USA
Performers: Glib Dolotov Jonathan Lee Johnny Chen Xavier Siu
performers website: StuyRave: Glib: Johnny: Jonathan:
Producer: Glib Dolotov
Music: Pain
Music by: MitiS (Joe Torre)
Music website:;

Buddy el Nino and Carlo Flo

Performed in: USA
Performers: William Landis Carlos Negron
Producer: Marcelo Martindale
Producer website:
Music: Tetsuo-verse
Music by: Max Petrosky
Music website:
Camera: Marcelo Martindale
Camera website:
Editor: Marcelo Martindale
Editor website:


Performed in: Australia
Performers: Lukas Bola
Producer: Lukas Bola
Music: The Collector
Music by: Dylan Jay Hekimian
Camera: aaron bone sophie mckay
Editor: tara smith

Polka Spin

Performed in: UK
Performers: Luke Erickson
Producer: Luke Erickson
Music: Denis Doody's Tolka Polka
Music by: Rosie Owen

More Fun than One

Performed in: USA
Performers: Erin Kearsley Logan Kearsley
Producer: Erin Kearsley
Music: Stinky Dog
Music by: Indside : Outside Forces
Camera: Todd Greener

(c) 2013, Home of Poi Ltd
Home of Poi Ltd and other contributors own respective copyright.We advise that you may not copy or display for redistribution tothird parties or for commercial purposes any portion of this videowithout our express permission. Permission to copy othercontributors property is obtained through gaining permission andsourcing raw video from their respective owner/s.

Home of Poi Ltd does not accept any liability for any loss ordamage which may directly or indirectly result from any information,representation or omission, whether negligent or otherwise,contained in these videos.
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