Circles of Light 2012

These are the 2012 compilation and competition videos appearing on COL2012.
The following were chosen to represent the full range of entries received.
Congratulations to those who were selected to appear in COL2012.

As usual judging will be difficult trying to consider all the different aspects.

This years COL will now also be available on DVD.
COL has been a major fundraiser for us to provide the forums and free lessons in years past.Even though there is no return from offering free downloads, we will still be providing prizes for the winning clips. To help support COL please continue to purchase your gear from us.

We are very proud of COL and the Performance Arts Community for what they have accomplished and also for inspiring so many others.

Congratulations to the following winners...

# 1st prize of USD$2000 Cash! and USD$1000 credit to their HOP shop account.
Factory Life - Germany

# 2nd prize of USD$500 credit to their HOP shop account.
Manic Manipulation - New Zealand

# 3rd prize of USD$250 credit to their HOP shop account.
Fire Jokers- Czech Republic

Much thanks to all, we really appreciate all your support and I look forward to seeing what next years COL2013 will bring.


Contents of COL2012


Performed in: New Zealand
Performers: Andreas Overdahl
performers website:
Producer: Andreas Overdahl
Music: Sugar
Music by: Midge McCleary
Music website:
Camera website:
Special thanks to:Midgey and luke @hear no evil recording

Fire and Water

Performed in: Bulgaria
Performers: Lilia Dimitrova Yotova \Lily Yo\
performers website:
Producer: Lilia Dimitrova Yotova
Music: Groove Groove and Cut and Run
Music by: Kevin MacLeod
Special thanks to:Andrey 358 and Divinitas Crew

The eigth color of rainbow

Performed in: Czech Republic
Performers: Hynek Marek
Producer: Hynek Marek
Music: Morning
Music by: When it rains
Music website:
Special thanks to:Members of band When it rains: Mňamka Buchtelová Filip Kotrnoch Denis Dufek Jiří Říha Martin Jelínek


Performed in: Australia
Performers: Chris Kloester
performers website:
Producer: Chris Kloester
Producer website:
Music: Right Here
Music by: Jason Tay
Camera: James Veale
Editor: Chris Kloester
Special thanks to:Special thanks to my housemates in Granada, helpful, patient, understanding.

Beautiful Thing

Performed in: Canada
Performers: Kim Ivey
performers website:
Producer: Kim Ivey
Producer website:
Music: Beautiful Thing
Music by: JoJo Worthington
Music website:
Camera: David Stemp
Editor: Kim Ivey
Editor website:

Manic Manipulation

Performed in: New Zealand
Performers: Jeffrey Robinson
performers website:
Producer: Jeffrey Robinson
Producer website:
Music: Big bad bobby/ Bone by bone
Music by: A cat named Kesey
Camera: Miguel Nitis
Editor: miguel nitis
Special thanks to:xathe naylor, nick leyland, spencer, purple rain, dan hendra

Fire Jokers

Performed in: Czech Republic
Performers: Hana Davidova Martin Fisnar Petr Fulka Carmen Rodriguez Hochstrasser
performers website:
Producer: Hana Davidova
Producer website:
Music: Prepare for Glory
Music by: Gregor F. Narholz
Music website:
Camera: Ales Svoboda
Editor: Kristian Hrusovsky

New Years Eve Burn

Performed in: Philippines
Performers: Paulino Servado III
performers website:
Producer: Paulino Servado III
Producer website:
Music: Curtains (Breaking it remix)
Music by: Abdel Aziz
Music website:

Trains and Flames

Performed in: USA
Performers: Ben "Dreads"
Producer: Jon Ibrahim & Ben Taylor
Music: DSAPL
Music by: Kettleblack
Camera: Jon Ibrahim
Editor: Jon "Reverse Affect" Ibrahim & Ben Taylor


Performed in: USA
Performers: Mykel J. Biles
performers website:
Producer: Mykel J. Biles
Music: Tesla's Coil
Music by: Dr. Shiznastikleez
Camera: Mykel J. Biles


Performed in: Finland
Performers: Tuomas Vuorinen
performers website:
Producer: Tuomas Vuorinen
Music: Movement Proposition
Music by: Kevin Mac Leod
Music website:
Camera: Joonas Allonen
Editor: Joonas Allonen
Special thanks to:Juhani Vuorinen

Sideswipe your Limbo

Performed in: USA
Performers: Justin Warren Christina Koller
performers website:
Producer: Justin and Christina Circus and Fire Arts
Music: Sideswipe your Limbo
Music by: Michael NightTime
Music website:

Hooper's Point of View

Performed in: Australia
Performers: Mark Adam Douglass
performers website:
Producer: Mark Adam Douglass
Producer website:
Music: Favourite Thing
Music by: Burgers of Beef
Music website:
Camera: Mark Adam Douglass
Camera website:
Editor: Mark Adam Douglass
Editor website:
Special thanks to:Jess For Helping Me Find My Magic Once Again

Hope for Happiness

Performed in: Denmark
Performers: Anne Frost
Producer: Anne Frost Kristensen
Music: Camilla Og Manen
Music by: Johan Plesner
Music website:
Camera: Cecilie Frost Kristensen
Editor: Cecilie & Anne Frost Kristensen
Special thanks to:Cille & Johan Mads Madsen

Shadows and Light

Performed in: USA
Performers: Ken Hill
performers website:
Producer: Ken Hill
Music: Ken Hill
Music by: Ken Hill
Music website:
Editor: Ken Hill

Training on the Docks

Performed in: UK
Performers: Joff Jk McMc
performers website:
Producer: Jonathan Jarrett-Kerr
Producer website:
Music: Reconstruction
Music by: OTIS
Camera: Jonathan Jarrett-Kerr

Factory Life

Performed in: Germany
Performers: Armin Taeschner
Producer: Armin Taeschner
Music: People need People
Music by: Kachkin
Music website:
Camera: Theresa Rossenbach

City Meets Soldier

Performed in: Australia
Performers: Lukas Bola
performers website:
Producer: Lukas Bola
Music: City meets Soldier
Music by: Beaumont
Camera: Louis Saliba and Nathan Helm

Looking for the New Sound

Performed in: UK
Performers: MCP
performers website:
Producer: Meghan Claire Pike
Producer website:
Music: Hamagito
Music by: Krafti M
Music website:


Performed in: USA
Performers: Logan Kearsley Erin Kearsley
Producer: Megan Whatcott
Music: Angel Street
Music by: ManOfColours
Music website:

(c) 2012, Home of Poi Ltd
Home of Poi Ltd and other contributors own respective copyright.We advise that you may not copy or display for redistribution tothird parties or for commercial purposes any portion of this videowithout our express permission. Permission to copy othercontributors property is obtained through gaining permission andsourcing raw video from their respective owner/s.

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