Circles of Light 2010

These are the 2010 compilation and competition videos appearing on COL2010.

The following were chosen to represent the full range of entries received.

Congratulations to those who were selected to appear in COL2010.

As usual judging will be difficult trying to consider all the different aspects.

This years COL will now also be available on DVD. Below we also offer as a free download. This is due to YouTube and other sites sharing videos for free.

COL has been a major fundraiser for us to provide the forums and free lessons in years past.Even though there is no return from offering free downloads, we will still be providing prizes for the winning clips. To help support COL please continue to purchase your gear from us.

We are very proud of COL and the Performance Arts Community for what they have accomplished and also for inspiring so many others.

Congratulations to the following winners...

# 1st prize of USD$2000 Cash! and USD$1000 credit to their HOP shop account.
Poiboy - Poland. Performed byPoiboy - Asaf Mor (Israel)

# 2nd prize of USD$500 credit to their HOP shop account.
On the Roof - Scotland, UK. Performed byMCP.

# 3rd prize of USD$250 credit to their HOP shop account.
Poi in the Rain - Scotland, UK. Performed byKeith Marshall.

Much thanks to all and I look forward to seeing what next years COL2011 will bring.


Contents of COL2010

Poi in the Rain

Performed in: Scotland, UK
Performers: Keith Marshall
Producer: Keith Marshall
Music: Tadpole
Music by: Sum-1
Music website:

Scorch 149 (Jim Chastain)

Performed in: USA
Performers: Jim Chastain aka "Scorch 149"
performers website: N/A
Producer: Axel Figueroa Ax Max Productions and White Peacock Studios
Camera: Axel Figueroa
Special thanks to:Denice Luttrell of White Peacock Productions

Poiful Spirit

Performed in: Canada
Performers: Leonardo Icaza
performers website:
Producer: Leonardo Icaza
Producer website:
Music: Drummer's circle
Editor: Leonardo Icaza

Burning Session

Performed in: Canada
Performers: Philippe Blanchet
performers website:
Producer: Philippe Blanchet
Music: Vincent-Marc
Music by: Bourrasque Celtique
Music website:
Camera: Serge Vinette
Camera website:

Mehmet Kandemir

Performed in: Turkey
Performers: Mehmet Kandemir
Producer: Mehmet Kandemir
Producer website: poi station(facebook)
Music: Istanbul 1.26
Music by: Richard Hamer&Can Utkan (Orrient Expressions)
Music website:
Camera: Ayca Kilincer
Editor: Ayca Kilincer


Performed in: wild and varied venues Worldwide
Performers: Dan Miethke
performers website:
Producer: Dan Miethke
Music: Jaydee - Plastic Dreams (Tayo & Acid rockers) Remixed
Music by: Bitstorm

Fire Attraction

Performed in: Cebu,Philippines
Performers: Flame Czero Flame Rex Flame Avil Flame Ralph
Producer: Cicero D. Nuńez
Camera: Lorencio Louis Tato
Editor: Jamiel Nuñez
Special thanks to:Abelardo Nuñez and Felicula Nuñez and family, Diaz family of Cebu city, Abella family of Toledo City, Taping family of San Fernando Cebu, Dungog family of Tabogon Cebu .. and to all of our friends, and loveones.. thank you so much for being such an inspiration.. also to the all mighty up above, for without him, all of this will not be possible. To HOMEOFPOI thank you so much for recognizing or talent. thanks to: Mother Victor Cuenco of University of Cebu(UCDC Choreographer) Mommie Junjet Primor Cebu's best director Nelifer Orbis F.A Former Manager Ms. Daisy Baad Theater Director Venancio Esparaguera SPG Manager Rolando Dungog F.A safety Assistant Victor Kim Taping F.A Assistant( music&audio editor)

Four Poi Combo

Performed in: USA
Performers: Diego
performers website: HottJamms.Com
Producer: Douglas Alexander Torres
Special thanks to:A Special Thanks To All !!!! Much Love :-) Sincerely, Diego

Obsidian Butterfly's Reflection

Performed in: USA
Performers: Sequoia, Molly Butterfly, Demitra, Wesley, Lacey, Georgia, Rayen, Dell, LouAnn, Amanda, LeeAnn, Katie
performers website:
Producer: Sequoia
Producer website:
Music by: Drumsum
Music website:
Camera: Rusty Rogers
Camera website:

On the Roof

Performed in: Scotland, UK
Performers: MCP
Producer: Meghan Claire Pike
Music: The Juggler
Music by: Sum-1
Music website:

Flowpulse - Freestyle Fire Nunchaku

Performed in: USA
Performers: Ken Hill Troy Bohnenkamp
performers website:
Producer: Ken Hill
Music by: Ken Hill - Soulwire
Music website:

Fun with Fire

Performed in: Canada
Performers: Dane O'Hara - Hairy One Pack Haley O'Hara - Fire Mamma
performers website:
Producer: Dane & Haley O'Hara
Special thanks to:Brooke and Mariah, without them nothing is possible.


Performed in: Japan
Performers: Koichi Shiori Yuka
performers website:
Producer: Koichi
Producer website:
Music: Ahir
Music by: Koki Yoshida
Music website:
Camera website:
Editor website:
Special thanks to:Daishi Mardi Po Shinku Zaobab

Night at the Museum

Performed in: USA
Performers: Dustin Hubel
performers website:
Producer: Dustin Hubel
Music: Emptiness
Music by: Alexander Blu
Music website:
Camera: Trevor Nealy
Editor: Trevor Nealy


Performed in: USA
Performers: Aileen Lawlor Noel Yee aka "Fire Smoothie"
performers website:
Producer: Michael LaHood
Producer website:
Music: Singularities
Music by: Filastine
Music website:
Camera: Michael LaHood
Editor: Michael LaHood
Editor website:
Special thanks to:Special thanks to Hoodie, Khan, Julian and Claudia.


Performed in: Poland
Performers: Poiboy - Asaf Mor (Israel)
performers website:
Producer: Asaf Mor
Music: Pia Knows
Music by: Tom More
Music website:

Partner @€/]$|%

Performed in: Germany
Performers: Criz Aleks
performers website:
Producer: Flamba
Producer website:
Music: The Chase, Tragedy of Dr. Evil
Music by: Riccicomoto (Enrico Regini)
Music website:
Camera: Henrietta Langholz
Editor: Henrietta Langholz


Performed in: England, UK
Performers: Zazie Zeff
performers website:
Producer: Zazie Zeff
Music: Spirits
Music by: Jamie Woon
Music website:
Camera: Chloe Thomson
Editor: Neil Thomson


Performed in: Japan
Performers: Kanta Sasaki
performers website:
Producer: Kanta Sasaki
Producer website:
Music: Yashiro
Music by: Joji Obinata
Camera: KAYA


Performed in: Taiwan
Performers: Big-G Wang Killer Chen Weihua Lu Upper Hsu Chen Wei Quan
performers website:
Producer: Hannah Lu
Producer website:
Music: Spot
Music by: Zephec Hsu
Camera: Jiang Tingfeng
Editor: Hannah Lu
Special thanks to:TS Fire、Orange Fire

WA (和)

Performed in: Japan
Performers: Kusahibari (草雲雀)
performers website:
Producer: Keisuke Kishikawa
Producer website:
Music: (月下鳥) - A bird under the moon
Music by: Tatsuya Yoshikawa
Music website:
Camera: Yoshinori Kataoka
Camera website:
Editor: Yoshinori Kataoka
Editor website:
Special thanks to:Fire Bandit Nori Iyoiyo

India fire Poi Passion

Performed in: UK
Performers: Kate Wright
performers website:
Producer: Wenndy Lee
Producer website:

Art after Dark

Performed in: USA
Performers: Matt O
Producer: Matthew O'Daniel

aRt aFtEr dArK

Performed in: USA
Performers: Stephanie Tandy
Producer: Matthew O'Daniel

Poi Passion School of Poi and Fire Performance Dance Troupe

Performed in: UK
Performers: Kate and Anna (Poi Passion) Jemima Rus Danny Kim Gina Helena Sarah Jane Natalie
performers website:
Producer: Wendy Lee
Producer website:
Music: Duma Sa Duma, from Album Nexus Tribal
Music by: Phil Thornton
Music website:

Splendid Isolation

Performed in: USA
Performers: Tracy Wilhelm
Producer: Nicholas Gallup
Music: Jazz Berry Jam
Music by: Nicholas Gallup
Camera: Nicholas Gallup
Editor: Nicholas Gallup

Kiwi Fire Fans

Performed in: New Zealand
Performers: Natasha Halliday
Producer: Charlie Fox
Producer website:
Camera: Charlie Fox

(c) 2010, Home of Poi Ltd
Home of Poi Ltd and other contributors own respective copyright.We advise that you may not copy or display for redistribution tothird parties or for commercial purposes any portion of this videowithout our express permission. Permission to copy othercontributors property is obtained through gaining permission andsourcing raw video from their respective owner/s.

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