Circles of Light 2009

These are the 2009 compilation and competition videos appearing on COL2009.

The following were chosen to represent the full range of entries received.

Congratulations to those who were selected to appear in COL2009.

As usual judging will be difficult trying to consider all the different aspects.

Winner 1st prize was Everyone is Happy (USD$3000).

2nd prize was M32.2 - Reservoir Mogs (USD$500).

3rd prize was Will Kim Jong-un Wear a Jumpsuit? (USD$250).

Much thanks to all and I look forward to seeing what next years COL2010 will bring.


Contents of COL2009

Jay Kamarati

Performed in: France
Performers: Jay
performers website:
Producer: Latour Jėrôme
Producer website: Manu Marcerou
Music: indymix
Music by: DJ Tomz
Camera: Seb
Editor: Jay

Bare Bones

Performed in: USA
Performers: Michael Kevin Farrell
performers website:
Producer: Michael Kevin Farrell
Producer website:
Music: Resolution
Music by: Thievery Corporation
Music website:
Camera: William Jennings
Camera website: n/a
Editor: Michael Kevin Farrell
Editor website:
Special thanks to:Chad Bennett Basil Simon William Jennings

Space Monkey 001

Performed in: USA
Performers: Shawn Barry , Maki , The Space Monkey
performers website:
Producer: Shawn Barry
Producer website:
Music: Glow
Music by: Grimelock
Music website:

Fire by the Palm

Performed in: USA
Performers: Julian Campolo, aka Cleric , Shane Morris, aka Prodigy
performers website: , , ,
Producer: Julian Campolo
Producer website:
Music: What the Funk
Music by: Guerrier
Camera: DJ Boris
Editor: Prodigy
Special thanks to:Our families and friends The Sunset Island Collective


Performed in: Australia
Performers: Rob Horner
performers website:
Producer: Rob Horner
Producer website:
Music: latex nuckle kids
Music by: Grouch
Music website:
Camera: Eddie Beyrouthy
Camera website:
Editor: Grigori Korotkikh
Editor website:
Special thanks to:My Family & Freinds. Plus all the Artists & fire freaks who helped inspier me along the way!!

Will Kim Jong-un Wear a Jumpsuit?

Performed in: USA
Performers: Margaret Wommack , Greg Maldonado
Producer: Greg Maldonado & Margaret Wommack
Music: Things Change
Music by: Th'Mole
Camera: Mike LaHood
Editor: Greg Maldonado

Hairy One Pack

Performed in: Canada
Performers: Dane O'Hara
Producer: Dane O'Hara
Music: In yo Face
Music by: Schneider
Camera: Jeff D. Jones


Performed in: USA
Performers: Tracy A. Wilhelm
performers website:
Producer: Tracy A. Wilhelm
Music by: Msytic Udu


Performed in: Japan
Performers: Kanon , Jonasun
Producer: Hisui
Music: Japan Tribe
Music by: Hisui

Encyclo-Poi-dia presents: Alien Jon

Performed in: USA
Performers: Alien Jon
performers website:
Producer: Zan Moore
Producer website:
Music: Runtime
Music by: Michael Everett
Music website:
Camera: Zan Moore
Camera website:
Editor: Zan Moore
Editor website:


Performed in: Scotland
Performers: Meghan Claire Pike
performers website:
Producer: Meghan Claire Pike
Producer website:
Music: Track 0001, 0006
Music by: Chris Bennett
Camera: Steve Wilson
Editor: Meghan Claire Pike
Special thanks to:Keith Marshall The University of Edinburgh

M32.2 - Reservoir Mogs

Performed in: UK
Performers: Sandy McClure , Rob Thorburn
performers website: ,
Producer: Sandy mcClure
Music: Greed
Music by: King Porter Stomp
Music website:
Camera: Steve '2Bags' Brown
Editor: Sy Taffel
Special thanks to:yer ma

Soulfire - Australia

Performed in: Australia
Performers: Bryce , Josh , Teale
performers website: ,
Producer: Bryce Watts
Producer website:
Music: Enter Psychonaut
Music by: Omni
Music website: myspace - Nathan Teale
Camera: Bryce Watts
Editor: Bryce Watts

Gravity Still Works

Performed in: Canada
Performers: Amber , Atom , Carey , Carolyn , Catherine , Vincent
Producer: Vincent Champagne
Music: The Prophet
Music by: Filidh
Music website:
Camera: Jessica Sigurdson
Editor: Jessica Sigurdson

Witches Sabbath

Performed in: Lithuania
Performers: Natalija Jegorenko , Anastasija Smirnova , Tatjana Ivkina , Anna Gololobova , Agne Balkeviciute , Margarita Podolskaja
performers website:
Producer: Natalija Jegorenko
Producer website:
Music: Subversive
Music by: Schmidt
Camera: Jevgenij Kucin
Editor: Jevgenij Kucin

Light and Day

Performed in: USA
Performers: Aileen Lawlor , Noel Yee
performers website:
Producer: Noel Yee
Producer website:
Music: SF Shuffle Riddim
Music by: Kush Arora
Music website:
Camera: Josh Wyatt
Camera website: N/A
Editor: Noel Yee
Editor website:
Special thanks to:Julian and Claudia


Performed in: Israel
Performers: Asaf Mor PoiBoy
performers website:
Producer: Asaf Mor
Producer website:
Music: Fake Positive
Music by: Tom More
Music website:
Camera: Noy Lev-Or
Editor: Asaf Mor

Firesisters at home

Performed in: Canada
Performers: Linda Jo Malloy , Lindsay Hacker
performers website:
Producer: Linda Jo Malloy
Producer website:
Music: "Dance of Ganesha" & "Open Channel"
Music by: Tuatha & Kan'Nal
Music website: &
Camera: Ian Mah
Camera website:
Editor: Linda Jo Malloy & Ian Mah
Special thanks to:Doug Reeves


Performed in: Japan
Performers: Dai Zaobab
performers website:
Producer: Dai Zaobab
Producer website:
Music: Zaobian
Music by: zaobab
Camera: riki murata
Editor: Dai Zaobab
Special thanks to:Thank you for the Fire!


Performed in: Japan
Performers: JiNe
performers website:
Producer: Kohei Itabashi
Music: team ENN
Camera: Kouta

Everyone is Happy

Performed in: Australia/Germany
Performers: Kyle McLean
performers website:
Producer: Kyle McLean and Eva Luenig
Producer website:
Music: Garden Domes
Music by: Everyone is Happy Productions
Music website:
Camera: Holger Radeke
Camera website:
Editor: Eva Luenig
Editor website:


Performed in: Germany
Performers: hanna lange , tina lange , francois erb
performers website: , , ,
Producer: Dorothee Deudon
Producer website:
Music: desperate trees-instrumental version
Music by: casca d'or
Music website:
Camera: dorothee deudon
Editor: dorothee deudon
Special thanks to:camera assistant: adrian shephard editing assistant: max armansperg make-up artist: anya hubschle


Performed in: Japan
Performers: Koichi
performers website: , ,
Producer: Koichi
Producer website:
Music: flame
Music by: Fumiaki Oomote
Music website:
Camera: Zukki
Editor: Zukki

Burning in NYC

Performed in: USA
Performers: Mitch Stratosflare Lustig
Producer: Mitchell Lustig
Music: RealityTV
Music by: Fontana

Hilltop Spin

Performed in: UK
Performers: Danny Thomas
Producer: Danny Thomas
Music: Everything is Nothing
Music website:
Camera: Simon Taylor, Will Perkins
Editor: Miles Audio Visual
Editor website:
Special thanks to:Richard Leadbetter

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