Circles of Light 2008

These are the 2008 compilation and competition videos appearing on COL2008.

The following 22 were chosen to represent the full range of entries received.

Congratulations to those who were selected to appear in COL2008.

The standard was very high this year and judging will be difficult trying to consider all the different aspects.

Much thanks to all and I look forward to seeing what next years COL2009 will bring.


Contents of COL2008

Circles in the Anomalous Zone, USA

performers: Khan Wong
performers website:
producer: Khan Wong
music: Lucian - Medibeat
music by: Timothy Keough
music website:

Sage of Sangre del Sol Fire Orb, USA

performers: Sage
performers website:
producer: Sage
music: Hacksaw
music by: OOAH, Glitch Mob Unlimited / Alpha Pup Records
music website:

Unhurried, USA

performers: Ian Smith
performers website:
producer: Ian Smith
music: Waiting
music by: Bjorn Lynne
music website:

Pyrotation, Australia

performers: David Gale
producer: David Gale
music: Fluoroescent Plankton
music by: David Gale

MCP Scotland, UK

performers: MCP
performers website:
producer: MCP
music: Self-aaa
music by: Fukufuku
music website:

Direction Change, USA

performers: Noel Yee
performers website:
producer: Noel Yee and Lindsay 'Lily' Rasel
music: It's a Map not a Key
music by: Trainwreck Riders
music website:

Bali Dreams, Canada

performers: Nick Woolsey
performers website:
producer: Nick Woolsey
music: Nightstep
music by: Delhi2dublin
music website:

Meet me Here, Northern Ireland

performers: Clare Palmer (fire dancer) Will Hawkins (musician)
performers website:
producer: Clare Palmer
music: Meet me here
music by: Will Hawkins
music website:

Glow with the flow, Ireland

performers: Jean Kelly
producer: Jean Kelly
music: Odyessy in the key of skuz
music by: Aidan McCarthy

FireTribe Duet, South Africa

performers: Jon-Peer Bouwer and Jo van Heerden
performers website:
producer: Jon-Peer Bouuer
camera man: Bruno Marchand
editor: Jon-Peer Bouuer
music: Ivan Steyn (SENSE) - release
music by: DJ Connecto
music website:

Shilly Shally Fire Arts Live @ Mountain Jam, USA

performers: Dre, Chris Bailey, Corey White, Sully
producer: Greg McMahon
music: Forget this Dream
music by: Hollands Music
music website:

Sandy, UK

performers: Sandy Mclure
performers website:
producer: Sandy Mclure, Sy Taffel
music: Fatmouse
music by: Paul Freeman

Goropika, Japan

performers: Team Goropika, Kanta Sasaki
performers website:
producer: Kanta Sasaki
music: Onigir
music by: Joji Obinata, Ryota Sasaki

Spinning in Headphones, UK

performers: Durbs
performers website:
producer: Durbs
music: Soul Jazz
music by: Darkstate
music website:

Torch Poi, USA

performers: Michael Farrell
performers website:

producer: Michael Farrell
music: Genuine
music by: Cahill
music website:

Red on Fire, USA

performers: April "RED" DeBord
performers website:
performers website:
producer: April "RED" DeBord
music: Evil Night Together
music by: Jill Tracy
music website:

Firegroove, USA

performers: Hannah Mooney, Kamala Mathis, Shawn Barry, Lester Mooney, Jade Mangiafico
performers website:
producer: Fire Groove
music: Shawn Barry
music by: Shawn Barry
music website:

Ebino, Japan

performers: Yuta
performers website:
producer: Yuta
music by: Makoto & Komatsu
music website:

Tunnel Vision, USA

performers: Michelle Voss
performers website:
producer: Michelle Voss
cameraman: Scott Voss, Voss Brother Studios
editor: Ryan Voss, Voss Brother Studios
music: Tunnel Jam
music by: Ryan Voss, Michelle Voss
music website:

The Erasing Rubber Art Duo, Scotland

performers: Rob Thorburn, Sebastian Berger
performers website:
producer: Rob Thorburn
music: Epicentre
music by: Andy Moore

Fiammella Fire Duo, Oz, Israel & NZ

performers: Oren Garini, Fulvia Hughes
performers website:
producer: Fulvia Hughes
music: Pandora's Pasta
music by: Grahame Thompson
music website:

The Puppeteer's Dream, USA

performers: Brad Gutkin, Pali Endicott
producer: Brad Gutkin
music: Erranti Tangit
music by: Brad Gutkin

Infinitos - Czech Republic

performers: Miroslav Liba, Klara Cerna, Petr Fulka, Hana Davidova, Marie Kramerova, Cecilie Bobakova
performers website:
producer: Miroslav Liba
music: Hardcore Orchestra
music by: Brainload
music website:
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