Circles of Light 2007


These are the 2007 compilation and competition videos appearing on COL2007.

The following 29 were chosen to represent the full range of entries received.

Congratulations to those who were selected to appear in COL2007.

What will you see on COL2007? The cover images give you a taste - lots of staff, hoops, poi, fans etc ... and what is that depicted in the 7 o'clock position of the circle???!....

The standard was very high this year and judging was difficult trying to consider all the different aspects, however a decision has been made. Winners are as follows:
1st: Zaobab in Africa
2nd: M.3.2
3rd: Machina Candeo presents "Nox Incendio"

Much thanks to all and I look forward to seeing what next years COL2008 will bring.


What will you see on the video?

Heaps of weaves, Behind the back moves, wraps and isolations, Contact staff, double and triple staff, staff and poi together, led glow Poi, flaming hula hoops, glow sticks, tailed poi, flags, Poi Socks, comet poi, Fire Poi meteors, rope dart, live performances, glow staff, fire fans, lots of different styles, transitions and equipment.....

Contents of COL2007

Flow Garden, USA

performers: Khan
performers website:
producer email:
music: Juicy Meatstick
music email:
music website:

Zaobab in Africa, Japan

performers: Dai Murata
performers website:
producer: PIT Productions
music: Zaobab on Djembe
music website:

Firedance with the light, Germany

performers: Stephan Schneider
performers website:
producer: Glory Fire
music: Wadokyo: Firedance with the light and drums
music website:

Noel-ski, Greg Maldonado, and Dave, USA

performers: Noel Roldan-Yee, Greg Maldonado, Dave Barron
producer: Noel Yee & Greg Maldonado
music: Kush Arora
music website:

Fire Sisters Mix, Canada

performers: Linda Jo Malloy, Lindsay Hacker
performers website:
producer/editor: Linda Jo Malloy
camera: Ian Mah
camera2: Richard Fiander
music: Kan'nal "Kodoish"
music website:

Infinitos, Czech Republic

performers: Miroslav Liba, Klara Cerna, Petra Mrenkova, Petr Fulka, Martina Sosnova, Hana Davidova
performers website:
producer: Infinitos
music: Chris Worth Productions
music website:

Michael Kevin Farrell, USA

performers: Michael Kevin Farrell
performers website:
producer: Michael Kevin Farrell
music: 'What you mean to me' by Cahill
music website:

Sandstone Shadow, Australia

performers: Bender
performers website:
producer: Bender
music: Andrei A Nikulinsky
music website:

Flamming Passion, Canada

performers: Philippe Blanchet
performers website:
producer: Philippe Blanchet
camera: Jonathan Golino music: Momenta - Chronic Bass
music website:

Ring of Fire: Spiral Fire Hoop Dance, USA

performers: Vivian "Spiral" Hancock
performers website:
producer: Vivian "Spiral" Hancock
music: Buccimazza
music website:

Poi Story, Somewhere in a far country

performers: Yuta/Nick
performers website:
producer: Yuta/Nick
music: Vasileios Kordatos - Miki Ferradino

Nosh, Australia

performers: Grubby Pumpkin Theatre: Michael (Rhythmik) Scarlett, Shashi, Pixie Lou, Pedro Chiba, Alice Ruby Cregan
producer: Travis Jones (fonk)
music: Rythmik - Emergence
music website:

MCP, Scotland, UK

performers: Meghan Claire Pike
performers website:
producer: Meghan Claire Pike
music: Kresh Dave Murray-Rust, Paul Keene
music website:

Burning Match*, Israel

performers: Lahat Team: Daniel Bareket, Yonatan Medan
performers website:
producer: Lahat-Team
editor: Ori Roth
music: Sadom and Amora by Eyal Altberg
music website:


We gave instructions to the conversion company to remove titles and credits (as per rule 11) from all videos as we were going to create standard titles at the beginning of each entry.Unfortunately in this case, some critical aspects of the entry were removed without our direct knowledge until after the DVD was produced. For this reason, we have allowed this entry to be posted on the internetso the full version can be seen.

Rossi Street, USA

performers: Katie Johnston
producer: Kevin Shumard
music: Bo Monroe
music website:

Paulino (Faisca), Philippines

performers: Paulino Servado III (Faisca)
performers website:
producer: Paolo Soler
music: Dark Beat by Mads "Neon 8" Abubakar
music website:

Ebb and Flow, Australia

performers: Pineapple Pete
performers website:
producer: Peter Cook
music: Bomba/Laroz - All Night Long

Asaf and Elhanan, Israel

performers: Asaf Mor, Elhanan Bar
producer: Asaf
music: Mosh Ben Ari - Falafel

Fire Groove, USA

performers: Lester Mooney, Hannah Mooney-Roloson, Kamala Mathis, Jade Mangiafico
performers website:
producer: David Presley
music: D:Fuse and Hiratzka - In Suspense

Short Fusion, Slovak Republic

performers: Matus Ritomsky - Anta Agni
performers website:
producer: Matus Ritomsky
music: Michael Cintula

Astro on Fire, USA

performers: Clayton Allred
performers website:
producer: Brett Colvin
music: Darkhorse

M.3.2, England, UK

performers: Sandy McClure
performers website:
producer: Sandy McClure
music: Track by Tom Bryan

Machina Candeo presents "Nox Incendio", USA

performers: Ty Cy-Phy, Megan M. Sinclair, Rebecca "Fireplug" Nelson, Ray Sunglao, Raven Carreon, Magnetica, Jefferson Ballew, Helium, Carla
performers website:
producer: Kevin Howe, Bob Jenkis, Ty Pamfiloff
music: Ty Cy-Phy
music website:

Poism, Japan

performers: Poism: Yuta, Togo, Asuka
performers website:
producer: Yuta
music: Yuta Konishi
music website:

Elias (still not ) on Fire, USA

performers: Elias Repka
performers website:
producer: Elias Repka
music: The Mole (Jonah Mociun)

Ninaruna - Magic Garden, Austria

performers: Gine, Lela, Viv, Franzi, Luke, Ludi
performers website:
producer: Robert Geir
music: Tomas Leonhardt - Fuego

Blazing Phoenix, Australia

performers: Trish & Dinah
performers website:
producer: Blazing Phoenix
music: Chris Worth Productions
music website:

Tulic, Israel

performers: Tulic (Daniel Nenachov)
performers website:
producer: Daniel Nenachov
music: Ceszna

Dreamtime Circus presents "Fiesty Felines", USA

performers: Star, Christina Nelson, Ruth Bosco, Savananah Lees-Haley
performers website:
producer: Dreamtime Circus
music: Enduser - Vishnu's Eastern Block (Line47 remix)

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