Circles of Light 2006

These are the 2006 compilation and competition videos appearing on COL2006.

We had over 100 submissions and the following 31 were chosen to represent the full range of entries received.

Congratulations to those who were selected to appear in COL2006, and special congratualtions to the winners.

Winners are as follows:
1st: The Story of the Lake, Northern Ireland, performer: Clare Palmer
2nd: Fire Groove, USA, performers: Kamala Mathis, Hannah Mooney, Lester Mooney, Jade Mangiafico-Greensberg
3rd: The Amazing Rubber Heart Duo, Finland, performers: Tommi Suomela, Antti Suniala

Much thanks to all and I look forward to seeing what next years COL2007 will bring.


What will you see on the video?

Heaps of weaves, Behind the back moves, wraps and isolations, Contact staff, double and triple staff, staff and poi together, led glow Poi, flaming hula hoops, glow sticks, tailed poi, flags, Poi Socks, comet poi, Fire Poi meteors, rope dart, live performances, glow staff, fire fans, lots of different styles, transitions and equipment.....

Contents of COL2006

Ninaruna, Austria

performers: Regine Kastner, Luke Ashworth
performers website:
music: "Julius Caesar Salad" by Morph, album:Psycoustic

Circumstantial Evidence - Pyroptix, Australia

performers:Daniel Miethke - Pyroptix
performers website:
music: "Silver Clouds" by Mr Peculiar

Flare Shadow, Japan

performers: Kohei Itabashi
performers website:
music: "Shadow Dance" by Minstrel-Jine
music website:

Elias on Fire, Canada

performer: Elias Repka
music: "Dragon Rider" by Penner MacKay

Eastbourne Festival of Fire 2006 - Highlights, England

performers: Poi Boy, Flaming Al, Scorching Sam, Bright Spark, Madame Flambe
collective groups: Burning Desire © 2001 and Fire Flies
performers websites:
collective website:  
video producer: Chris Ducklin
music: "Frozen" by Glavion
music website:

Planet Zips, Philippines

performers: Mikko Reyes (FIREFOX), Cat Juan (Captain C), Paulino Servado (Faisca), Migui "baby back migs" (Winternitz), Wanggo Gallaga (FLAMBE), Lorraine Lapus (Bindi)
producer: Paolo Manuel Soler
music: "Diwang" by Pinikpikan Band Inc., album "Obra Encatada"©2001
music website:

Crazy Conflagrabion, Australia

performer: Joachim Garrick
producer: Lon Garrick
music: "Ghetto Way" by Darren Burgess

The Story of the Lake, Northern Ireland

performer: Clare Palmer
performer website:
camera/editing: Gary Watson
music: "Stranger" by mo-seph
music website

Dragons Dream, New Zealand

performer: Miriam Walker
video producer: A J Hickling
music: "Dragons Dream" by Diwata, AJ Hickling
music website: and

One Wheel Dave, England

performer: David Panther aka 'One Wheel Dave'
performer website:
music: "Guitar & meditation flute in the woods" by David Panther

The Amazing Rubber Heart Duo, Finland

performers: Tommi Suomela, Antti Suniala
performers website:
music: "Demain" by Antti Suniala
music "Eat more Tofu" by Tommi Suomela

Blend, USA

group: Draconik
group website:
performers: Joanna Keseberg, Aaron Grossman, Michael Farrell, Brad Gutkin
performers websites:
music: "Blend" by Cahill
music website:

Robert Bruce, Canada

performer: Robert Bruce aka PupDawg on HOP forums
performer website:
music "live.." by Orazio Fantini

Chicago Streets, USA

performer: Mark Ersfeld- Pyrotechniq
performer website:
music: "Pregnant with Sound" by Mark Ersfeld

Faisca, Philippines

performer: Paulino Servado
producer: Paolo Soler
music: "Strip Roll" by Wacky Acosta

Instruments of the Now, USA

performers: Zan Moore, Noah Moore, Dave Barron

performers website:
music: "Unity Vibe" by Zan

Fire Groove, USA

performers: Kamala Mathis, Hannah Mooney, Lester Mooney, Jade Mangiafico-Greensberg
group: Fire Groove
group website:
performers website:
producer: David Presley
music: "Galactic Activator" by Satchi

Fire Sisters...but different, Canada

performers: Linda Jo Malloy, Lindsay Hacker
music: "Madre Tierra" + "Balancé" by Pacha, Teresita Hinojosa
music website:

KFire presents "Arachne", USA

performer: KFire is Kara Voss as Arachne aka spiderwoman
performers website:
music: "Meltdown Sequence Initiation" by Amanda

The Dance of the Three, USA

performer: Burning Dan
performers website:
music: "Welcome To The Joegle" by Johnny Tinnitus
music website:

Fire Storm, USA

performers: Elias Repka, Jordan A. Campbell, Alex Corby, Michael "Mooch" Mucciolo

performers website:

music: "La Petite morte" by Clinton Maney

Shakuru, Australia

performers: SOL, Fokus
performers websites:
producer: Bill La
music: "Dance Africa" by PM D&B

Masara in Daiba, Japan

performer: Tachiki, Hiro, Tsuru
group: Masara
music: "Busy Streets" by Chris Worth Productions

Rope Dart, Australia

performer: Brendan Erskine (Ataxia)
music: "Unstoppable" by Chris Worth Productions

Firelight, USA

performers: Michael Stramiello II, Andrea MacIntyre, Jonathan Deerfield
producer: Gregory McMahon
music: "Tribaltek" by Fabrik Nos

Infinitos, Czech Republic

performers: Klára Cerná, Miroslav Líba
performers website:
music: "Rush Hour" by PM D&B

Dee D'Caro, USA

performer: Dee D'Caro
performers website:
music: "Be the best" by Chris Worth Productions

Phoenix - Fire Project, Germany

performers: Valerie Sealey, Steve Joshua Dyffort
performers website:
music: "Condor" by Bjorn Lynne 2002

Arsn, Australia

performer: Arsn
producer: Valura
music: "Seduction" by Christ Worth Productions

Clayton Allred spinning staff in Saltlake city, USA

performer: Clayton Allred
performers website:
music: "Williams Gate" by Christ Worth Productions


performer: Matt Day-Reyes aka Synge
music:"Burn it all" by A Dark Halo
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