Circles of Light 2005

Congratulations to those who were selected to appear in COL2005.

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What will you see on the video?

Heaps of weaves, Behind the back moves, wraps and isolations, Contact staff, double and triple staff, staff and poi together, led glow Poi, flaming hula hoops, glow sticks, tailed poi, flags, Poi Socks, comet poi, Fire Poi meteors, rope dart, live performances, glow staff, fire fans, lots of different styles, transitions and equipment.....

Contents of COL2005

Infinitos, Czech Republic.

performers: Klára Cerná and Miroslav Líba
music: "Busy Streets" Chris Worth Productions

Hayfever, United Kingdom.

performer: Oli
music: "Dance Africa" by PM D&B

Heraclitus, USA.

performer: Heraclitus
music: "Lions bend" by Contrawise, Lazy G Records
music website:

OneWheelDave, England.

performer: OneWheelDave
performer website:
camera/editing: Liam Tempest
music: "Shaku..." David Panther

Fire Trinity, USA.

performers: Fire Trinity [Michael Farrell, Joanna Kesberg and Brad Gutkin]
performers website:
producer/director: Michael Farrell
music: "Easily" by Cahill
music website:

Sprocket, Australia.

performer: Sprocket
performer website:
music: "Rush hour" by PM D&B

Spinning over Vegas, USA.

performer: AdrillF (Adam Walters)
music: "Leftified", Notepad Music

Fire Weavers, Canada.

performers: Sophie Latreille and Amber Robson
performers website:
filming: Jean-Marc Labella
editing: Chris Crosbie
music: "Thievery Corporation" Rob Garza & Eric Hilton. ESL Music
music website:

Nexus, USA.

performer: Dantana
performer website:
music "Subtle desperation" DJ Dantana

Arsn, Australia.

performer: Arsn
produced by: Valura
music: "Condor", Bjorn Lynne 2002

"No trickery video" , France.

performer: Jay (from Fire Fantasy)
performer website:
music: "Fire Show"(mix), Tomz

"Cast out", USA.

performers: Coven Fire Troupe [KFire, Leticia Gravitania]
production/editing: Kara Voss
music: "Smirky", by PM D&B

Fire Dragon, Taiwan.

performer: FireBao
performer website:
music: Leonson Wu and Sunson Theater

TaiChi Fire, Taiwan.

performer: FireBao
performer website:
music: Leonson Wu and Sunson Theater

Pyromania 2005, UK.

performer: Tim Marston
produced by: Phil Smith
music: Phil Smith

Flamebuoyant Productions presents the Chandelier Twins, USA.

performers: Shireen and Indigo
performers website: /
fire safety: Kricket Caffery
production assistant: Christine Stapleton
director/editor: Groovitas Productions [Jon Weigand]
camera: Cabin 17 Productions [Chris Barber]
music: Klezmocracy [Ralph Huntley, Joe Janiga, Courtney Von Drehle, Michael Papillo]
music website:

"True", New Zealand.

performer: Manu aka Dragon7
music: "Todays results" Chris Worth Productions

Staff and Staff Duo. Slovakia.

performers:   Silvia Polackova, Matus Ritomsky
performers website:
music: "Sleepy duckling" by Contrawise, Lazy G Records
music website:

Argolla, Slovakia.

performers: Stanka Sekretarova, Silvia Polackova, Eva Cervenanska, Matus Ritomsky, Michal Jurco, Michal Sovoranyi
performers website:
music: "Cyberspace" by G.Courtie/E.Radford

Poi and Staff Duo, Slovakia.

performers: Matus Ritomsky, Petra Herzfeldova
performers website:
music: "Escape" by Chris Worth Productions

Infinitude for Delight, Czech Republic.

performer: Mionka
music: "Trance be a fine thing", Chris Worth productions

Cello & Fire, Germany.

performer: Sista Firewire
performer website:
editing: Karsteu Isakovic, Johannes Bruhu
camera: Markuis
cello: Nathali
music: "Bach", Natope

Keepers of Light, USA.

performers: Darkpoet & Likwid
producer: Diana Milena
music: "Unstoppable", Chris Worth productions

Fyrefly ~ Chelsea, Las Vegas, NV, USA.

performer: Chelsea
performer website:
music: "Be the best" Chris Worth Productions
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