Circles of Light #2

Art of Poi/COL2 DVD

This is a compilation video featuring artists from USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

What will you see on the video?

Heaps of 5 beat weaves, Behind the back moves, cart wheels, forward rolls and jump overs whilst doing poi, leg, arm and neck wraps and isolations, staff, double staff, staff and poi together, led glow Poi, Fire Poi, glow sticks, tailed poi, flags, Beaming poi, comet poi, fire whips, meteors, live performances, fire eating, fire breathing, glow staff, lots of different styles, transitions and equipment.....

The video has a lot of variation in it and I know everyone will gain something from watching it.

Who appears in the video?

Daniel Tyler
Wrap Master Funk
Stillwater, OK, USA

Jedi White
John Smith
Stillwater, OK, USA

Brian, AKA Raving Lunatic
Kamloops, BC, Canada

Tampa, FL, USA

Shawn Robertson
Austin, TX, USA.

Farrah Siegel
Sherman Oaks, CA, USA

Darcy Johnson.
Oregon City, OR, USA

Michael Posey
Oceanside, CA, USA

The tribe of the burning sock
Produced by Splinter
Directed by Mark Harder and David Zeller Ford

Nathan Peterson
Austin, TX, USA

Dustin Rainey
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Steve Ewing
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Rupinder Singh Sidhu
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Joseph Donyo
Somerville, MA, USA

Code 128
Joshua Bloom
Somerville, MA, USA

Sean Gibson
Cape Town, South Africa.

Paris, France

Heather Feather
Newtown, NSW, Australia

Shanna Daly
Bexley, NSW, Australia

Robert Michael
Auckland, New Zealand

*and graphics on video cover

Adrianne Harris
Rozelle, NSW, Australia

Ben King
Nelson, New Zealand

Sarah Clough
Winchester, England

Dunedin, New Zealand

Music on the video

"Run away zone, The last battle, Uplift me, Awake, Where is your faith, Desperation, Awake (sleepers wake), Votum and Set" by DJ Rubio

"Interim" by AnchoriteX
Roanoke, Virginia, USA.
"Sunday driver" by Blue Spectral Monkey

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