Circles of Light #1

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Sorry this VHS video is no longer available for sale.

This is a compilation video featuring artists from USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and South Africa

What will you see on the video?

Heaps of 5 beat weaves, Behind the back moves, cart wheels, forward rolls and jump overs whilst doing poi, leg, arm and neck wraps and isolations, staff, double staff, staff and poi together, photons, Fire Poi, glow sticks, tailed poi, flags, Beaming poi, comet poi, fire whips, meteors, live performances, fire eating, fire breathing, glow staff, lots of different styles, transitions and equipment.....

Who appears on the video?

Hayobola   - length 5:40s
   location: BC, Canada.

Robert Michael   - length 4:02s
   location: Auckland, New Zealand

Sean Gibson   - length 1:26s
   location: Cape Town, South Africa.

Rachel Stockley   - length 1:54s
   location: Farnham, Surrey, England

Jo Derry   - length 3:02s
   location: UK
   phone: 44 (0)7931 683 659

Xaeda   - length 1:12s
   location: Dunedin, New Zealand

Hanna Farrar   - length 3:32s
   location:Carbondale, CO, USA

Farrah Siegel   - length 3:32s
   location: Sherman Oaks, CA, USA

Ryan Weh   - length 4:12s
   location: Woodinville, Washington, USA.

Christie Fremon   - length 1:51s
   location: Palo Alto, CA, USA
   filmed by: Rae Deslich

Anya Hubschle   - length 2:13s
   location: Berlin, Germany

Dimension 7   - length 2:25s
   location: San Francisco, CA, USA.
   phone: 415.348.0761

Fred Yates   - length 4:00s
   location: Colorado Springs, CO, USA
   cellphone: (719)-761-3145

The Baltimore Calefaction Society   - length 2:42s
   location: Baltimore, USA

Warren Hammond and Bob Thomson   - length 1:47s
   Warren Hammond
Bob Thomson
      location: Rochester, NY, USA

"Hephaestos" - Bryan Gallagher   - length 4:26s
   location: Chicago, IL, USA

Insane Monkey Girl   - length 4:05s
   location: Portland, OR, USA

Dangerboy   - length 0:59s
   location: Victoria, Canada

John Smith and Daniel Tyler   - length 1:05
John Smith
      location: OK, USA
      phone: (405) 880 5567
Daniel Tyler
      location:Stillwater, OK, USA
      phone: (405) 742 8843

Flashfire, Katinca and Josh   - length 1:30s
Flashfire -
      location: Sydney, Australia
Katinca -
      location: Adelaide, Australia
Josh -
      location: Adelaide, Australia

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