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Received Fire Staff, but not other items.

In regards to the staff and other items in your order, they have to be sent separately due to international freight rules and regulations.

It means that when we send your staff we are obliged to send it by Courier with tracking due to the length. Courier with tracking will take around one week to be delivered. The remaining items in your order we have to send separately by standard airmail.

Standard airmail takes about two weeks for the items to be delivered. Once you have received your staff you will then receive the rest of the order within 1 weeks time or thereabouts from when the staff was received.

These shipping rules and regulations apply only to items that we send that are over 1 meter long, hence the reason that your order had to be separated into two parcels. Any other orders you wish to place with us in the future will be sent as one order, unless it contains a staff over 1 meter long.

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