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Looking for Wholesale Items?

At Home of Poi, we would like to help your business succeed. We recognize that there are many different business models and situations and this is why we offer several different ways for you to buy and on-sell our products.

Our Wholesaler program is designed for businesses buying and selling a significant volume of product. It, therefore, features a minimum first-order purchase of the equivalent of US$2000. Thereafter a tier system is in place to recognize and provide differentiation for different levels of business.

If your business is not in the category of the Wholesaler program, we may still be able to help you by providing a discount program. Home of Poi encourages and supports Not-for-profit clubs etc and other businesses in this manner.

If you you would like to enquire about any of these programs, please contact us using the form below and provide as much detail as possible so we can quickly understand your business situation in order to determine the most suitable program for you.

Do you manufacture unique products, that are not currently sold within our Hub?

Hi Manufacturers,

About our personalized Shopping Hub and E-commerce Platform.

It is a bit like eBay and Amazon but with less hassle and fees.
We don't bid against you in marketing on Google or Bing like the above companies, which only drives up the cost of your own marketing.
We only accept well-known brands with a good reputation.
Home of Poi is a very well-respected brand with trademarks around the world.
We will help your products sell around the world and assist you in your product descriptions to ensure keywords are represented.

The basic process:

  1. We show your unique products on our site.
  2. Customers add your item to their cart.
  3. Customer pays us via one of the world's biggest payment gateways or Not just credit cards are accepted, almost all cards, bank transfers, gift cards, and many European payment systems.
  4. We email you about the order.
  5. You ship the goods and enter a tracking code. We only list countries with a successful delivery service record.
  6. Money becomes available, with fewer fees*.
  7. Any support required by a customer is forwarded to you and supplied by your company.
  8. You are given an email address to contact the customer directly.

Your Payments
  • Please note payments are not guaranteed.
  • If payments are found to be fraudulent, then payment and all fees will be reversed.
  • However, with our fraud protection, we have an extremely low rate of fraudulent payments. Less than 1 per 10,000 orders.

*About the fees:
  • The product Commission is not applied to the cost of Freight.
  • Payment Processing Fee = 8% Merchant Fee (Paypal and Stripe)
  • Product Commission = 10% (Max 60 USD per order)
  • Withdraw USD funds via T/T. = 12 USD Bank Fee per Telegraphic Transfer.
  • Withdraw funds via Paypal
  • Any Paypal fees are payable by the recipient.
  • You can request payouts anytime after the goods are shipped.
If you have any questions, let us know.

Our system has been tried and tested over the last 18 months, and we are making adjustments regularly to make everything easy for both of us.

Coming Soon (January 2022):
  1. Let us do the heavy work with Tax collection in, UK, Europe, Australia, and NZ. We will collect the taxes and pass them on to their respective countries. Giving an easier and faster customs experience for the customers. You will ship the goods with our generated invoice/receipt, and we will take care of everything else.
  2. Got a DHL, FEDEX, or Post account already? You can also use your own account, we will submit the shipping address and details to your Freight providers so you can print all the paperwork using our platform.
  3. Just click Print. If you use volumetric weights for your items then we can provide a discounted shipping account for you via DHL. Print the label and call for a pickup. We will take care of everything else.

Kindest regards

CEO Home of Poi


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