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Purchase Flowlight FS  
21st April, 2009
Must Have
"I just got these in this weekend. And just got the 1st chance to spin them last night. I could not pot them down for hours. There are so many different modes to play with. They are super bright! They are a must have!"
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Purchase MEDIUM Fire Covers  
28th February, 2009
Its all good!
"I just got my pair of medium fluffy fire head covers! I like them they are awesome! But they are a bit smaller then I expected. They would not fit my catherdral wicks. I suggest only getting medium size for regualar size weka heads. But its all good! I just got creative and made a cut and snip here added some fabric there and now they fit. I love how they make my poi spin. They slow them down so its GREAT for practice! And my isolations have never looked so....isolated? Its a sweet product! Just keep in mind they are smaller then you might think! :)"
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Purchase 5/32 inch ColeCord  
3rd July, 2008
No sock No Chain.
"If your wanting to use something besides socks or chains this is a GREAT product! Its very very very slightly strechy. I've used alot of shoe laces and other strings but for poi spinning; colecord is awesome and its cheap as well. Bravo!"
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