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Spinning makes the world go round

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For developing plane control, my favourite drill is to change the plane..... ie, from your side plane doing fwd spins, slowly change your plane inward until it becomes a butterfly, and ...

Saw this in the HoP Staff section.... haven't found anything about it, anybody using one? recommend any vidz of it??Thanks

I like to face a large wall (preferably with out windows OR pictures) and seeing how close I can get to it while practicing wall plane skills like butterflies, as you get closer you wil...


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     8th November, 2007
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"Can't believe how quick my order was delivered from the other side of the world. HoP had my package shipped out the next day and it was on my doorstep two weeks later (I did say they were at the other side of the world).!!! I'll be back HoP!!!"
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