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Purchase Flowlight FS  
28th July, 2012
"I wasn't sure what to expect with these as I mostly spin fire and the glowballs. I thought I'd try them. To my surprise these are amazingly bright and I absolutely LOVE them. I ordered them on the 11th of July and received them in only 8 days (not including Sunday it literally took only 7 days) AMAZING! I WILL NEVER GO TO ANOTHER COMPANY!"
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Purchase Cathedral Fire Poi and LED Poi Set  
22nd October, 2011
"I love the chains. They're light and the leather handles are incredibly comfortable whilst twirling either the glow ball or the fire poi. My boyfriend even prefers the chain to the sock poi we have so I guess I'll be ordering him his own pair! H.O.P. delivers fast and gives great customer support. I'll definitely be a repeat customer!"
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