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  Posted: Has anyone every bought anything from the Neon husky website??

I have i bought the streetlights WITH the deflectors when i recieved them one had been left on so all the battrys ran out and the other was cracked , the other two were fine so i span with them at the first slight hit they both cracked and fell to pieces when i took them out of the deflectors
they didnt even hit together hard ,my point is NEON husky should not be promoting a product for SPINNING if it is not sutible for SPINNING even with deflectors, they wont even replace it.

HAS anyone had the same problem with them??

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those Streetlights are not worth spinning with... the casing is too weak to survive anything but the lightest touch...

broke mine doing a simple butterfly, ended with a shower of plastic and slowly dimming LED's...
looked cool though!

But, if you get a length of plastic piping about 2mm in thickness with the internal diameter the same as a streetlight, you can put the streetlight inside the pipe and then spin to your hearts content. Just put the split ring through the end of the pipe and the streelight.

You can still operate the switch through the plastic pipe as well... Changing the batteries is a bit of a pain though.

I haven't seen the NeonHusky deflectors, but by the sounds of things they suck... a friend took a set I made her to Glasto... the only problem she had was the batteries ran out and she didn't have spares!

I can't believe they sold you two which had run out... they've usually got a little plastic thing to break the connection and stop them from being accidentally turned on... thats just bad service!

Thats sux m8...



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  Posted:Same happened to me!
I wanted the beaming Poi from HOP but they didnt have any and i was impatient so i stooped down to Neon Husky and i also got dead batteries.And mine also shattered inside the deflector with a normal butterfly.They still work,coz i paid $24 USD for new batteries,and glued them.
And i also would prefer if they had just a solid light not all those strbes coz that just means you cant see the whole circle.
We should actualy send this thread to the Huskies so they can shape up or ship out.At the mo i am saving up for beaming Poi from HOP i just hope they have stock when i finaly get the money.

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  Posted:I definently recommend the Home Of Poi beaming balls. They're awesome, and Malcolm has always been extremely prompt with getting stuff to my home on time (if not early).

Sorry that happened


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