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Posted:In a week or two, I get to stop wearing the stupid medical boot that's been stopping me from dancing and spinning. I'm excited about that, but I need to be sure to not re-injure myself. Apparently my dancing around in tired old shoes contributed to my injury in the first place. So I need to figure out what kind of shoes to wear. I'm mostly being health-conscious here, so style isn't my top concern. I pretty much wear all black, anyway, and almost every shoe comes in black, so that's no big deal.

I spin on lots of types of surfaces including carpet and concrete, so I need something that won't torque my knees too much when I do turns. I need something with good cushioning on the balls of my feet, too. I don't spin fire, so that's not a concern. Are there any other shoe- or foot-related things I should keep in mind when it comes to poi? I'm quite a new poi spinner, so I don't have a great idea of what my needs are. Advice?

What kind of shoes do you wear when you practice/play/perform?

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Posted:i actually wear steel-toe-capped work boots most of the time, not the greatest for moving about lol. shoes designed for running would probably be the best if youre constantly on the balls of your feet as most have air or liquid cushion in them, though a lot of people i know use pumps as theyre light, cheap and dont restrict foot movement at all

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Posted:i'm kinda new to flow art and dance but i go all or nothing, barefooted or heavy boots even if free feets are the best, yeah free ye feet!

i have no idea how it affekt the body though....


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Posted:Hi! I'd say anything that you are comfortable wearing, aren't slippy and don't fall of your feet. Barefoot is good to if the surface is comfortable enough.


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Posted:Lightweight sneakers (trainers) are great since you can walk around in them and spin whenever the mood may strike. For dedicated "shoes for spinning" I like martial arts shoes. Soft and flexible, very comfortable and fairly economical. Top of the line (for performing) would probably be jazz shoes, but much pricier than the martial arts shoes.


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