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Posted:Hi all,

Please note that this query is specific to UK.

I was donated some fuel for fire breathing, which i have now exhausted and I need some more for a photoshoot I have coming up.. Could anyone from the UK advise on where i can buy new fuel for fire breathing? - for my ropes and poi's i use the paraffin from the garden section in B&Q but unfortunately I can't find anything for fire breathing there. i also went to some smaller hardware shops, again no-one had any clean fuel. I've even approached some Oil Fuel distribution companies locally who i think were a little bemused by my query smile

I've had a little search on the forums, searching for "what fuel to use for fire breathing", "where to buy fire breathing fuel uk" and combinations of those words within the last year, yet I still unable to find any direct answers. if I have overlooked something could you please link directly to that thread?


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Posted:im in northern ireland, i use the same paraffin that i use for spinning (i get it from homebase but its probably the same as your b&q stuff). it is only clean if you get it straight from container, if you pour remaining fuel back into it after spinning then it becomes dirty but until then it is clean

if you find anything better/cleaner/designed-specifically-for-firebreathing then please post here, ive heard some shitty stories from people swallowing small amounts

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