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Posted:Hi guys, I've been working on a move for a while, and was hoping I might get some direction on it. I've searched around for tutorials, but I don't even know what to call it.

It's sort of a double pendulum (a pendulum vs. pendulum hybrid?): one Poi is doing a pendulum or extendulum, and the second Poi is penduluming off of the head of the second one, sometime going inspin, sometimes antispin.

I've seen some tech spinners do it, but never figured out what to call it. Any advice/links/help would be much appreciated.

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Posted:I are you talking about a pendulum vs. CAP hybrid?

That would be one Poi doing pendulum, other hand following the Poi head in the back and forth arc.

Video on CAPs. Drex also happens to have hundreds of videos about all sorts of tech, if you haven't found him already.

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