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Posted:Heres a spacey idea for you,

A six day week,
Days being 28 hours long,
Three days a week you work, you gotta work 12hrs a day to get a 36hour week in, this kinda sucks alittle, but hell a work day is pretty much useless for the rest anyway. You can still have 16 free hours in your average work day. But it is showered in other advantages,

1 - three days work, three days off a week every week
2 - and your days off are all 28hrs long
3 - We can abolish wedensday, the limbo day
4 - Everyone can have monday off, without affecting productivity.
5 - Your sleeping patterns dont sync up with daytime and nighttime, but hey thats kinda cool too.
6 - All night parties are that little bit longer

I hav'nt put the theory to test yet, but soon, very soon.
Argh I am bored,

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Posted:quote: 6 - All night parties are that little bit longer
Yeaaaa!!!!!!!! This one rulz : o ) But wouldn't all parties be kinda day-night parties because of the time shift?

quote: 5 - Your sleeping patterns dont sync up with daytime and nighttime, but hey thats kinda cool too.
How do you know that they sync now..?

Smile.. It confuses people..:)

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Posted:I have to agree with White RaveN on number 6

That would rock so much!

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Posted:Erm I already do get mondays off. So it doesn't sound like such of a triumph (sp?) to me. Could you introduce a free cake and ice cream rule for me too?

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Posted:One thing my company does that I thought was cool is offering the option of a 4-day work week, where you work 10h a day Mon-Thurs and have a 3-day weekend every week, as opposed to the standard 5-day-8-hour schedule.

Never tried it because I'd get too bored here to really make it a valid option Too much time, too little to do...

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Posted:i like this plan, i fact i think i am running it already, i just have a nap in teh middle of teh day and im good, it ust helpswithe the sleep tranfer sync!

try having your days satrt at 6am not at 12am it will help!

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